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* - galaxy

"just... try... a little.... harder!!!"

Posted on 2015.05.29 at 19:39
The badness of today just kept going and going - never leaving. It was someone else's comedy of errors, not mine, because I was the joke. Usually, I have society to blame, and it deserves it. Today, I was trapped in a false reality which was part of my very being, such as it is - which includes rampant illness and laughable poverty. For these, I have only myself to blame, right, cuz this is USA. Perhaps, my children, I will one day describe this day to you, and you will pass on the legends to your corporatist children, by scribbling petroglyphs on the walls of the quickly-filling Grand Canyon, Inc.

Thank goodness I have LJ to come home to, at the end of perpetual hell. Make me a hamburger. Let's watch old Yellowstone tonight. Who's your daddy? No! You were supposed to say...

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