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Malaise in the life...

Posted on 2015.05.27 at 15:38
I had some sort of apple/grape/sugar cider fermenting for a while, and drank much of it last night. I don't know why apple cider can be such a killer, but mine usually is. It made me mad mad I tell you. But, this time, I feel I restrained myself from retaliating against the down-belowers.

My apple cider usually has some unfermented sugar in it, which is very bad for my CFS/ dementia. But if I let it ferment for too long, it turns into acidic vinegar. It's mainly sugar that causes the problems for my health, not so much the alcohol. Not only do I have some kind of diabetes-like mitochondrial problem, the sugar also feeds toxic yeast and whatever else is dining on my soul. Then, my immune system overreacts to these, and the cytokines mess up my brain - along with the alcohol.

Alcohol intolerance is a regular symptom of CFS, but I drink it anyway, despite all the trouble it causes me. It's cheaper than a cruise to Jamaica. And, the next day, after whatever migraine, I usually look great for some reason, and feel very sexual.

(Well - one great thing about apple cider is that it contains malic acid, which is great for people w/ CFS. Wakes us up, unlike wine, which does the opposite. But wine has resveretrol, which is why I drink it. Resveretrol is not only a top-notch anti-oxidant, it has fungus-fighting abilities).

This morning, I woke up with one killer, bizarro hangover, along with the dementia, plus continuing drunkiness. Loss of balance. I had intended to do some cleaning, before the repair guy arrived around noon. But, I only managed a little.

He showed up and I was presentable. The problem was that the gaskets, (liner), on my fridge leaked, and did not close shut. So, he came to replace them. We talked, I helped. My dog was cool. The replacement took a lot of time, and my food wanted to grow hair.

He also worked on the hinges of the fridge doors, which meant the doors had to be removed. Well, when all the work was done, the doors still didn't close tight - and now they be leaking more air than before. We simply couldn't figure out what the problem was.

Now, I continue using a box of rocks to keep the bottom door closed. I'll probably need the fridge replaced, which is terrible, because this is an otherwise great fridge - big, too, for my daily nutritional needs and wonderment.

(Hey - while writing this, someone came in and logged me off. I checked my firewall and there were several intruders. This has been a never-ending battle for almost a decade. Now I have to spend a whole lot of time working on my firewall - as there was also trouble last night).

After about hour of "exertion", I became exhausted, and had to lie down. Then he left.

The folks downstairs were nervous that the repair guy would knock on their door, about the guy illegally staying there. But I am letting this go for today, and that never happened. In appreciation, the guy downstairs blasts their meagre stereo, and shouts angry rap for an hour, after the repair guy had gone.

Big woop. tee-doo

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