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Philly versus Cleveland

OMG ISTG - Why is everything about Cleveland these days?


Cleveland Cavaliers, Labronze James(sp?), the crazy car massacre, etc. I looked back in my journal and actually the police mayhem seems to have started with PHILADELPHIA around 2010. But you don't hear too much from that city now. Then, back in - let's see - 1985 - (this is the anniversary) - there was the insane MOVE massacre, which should have been seen as a foreshadowing of today's police madness.. I was never in Philly at the time of either of these, and I knew of no police madness when I was there. But I did have a major sense of weirdness in the atmosphere and music. BTW - a lot of great music came out of Philly - soul, blue-eyed soul, be-bop, hip-hop. This is documented in last week's NPR "World Cafe". Some of my most beloved oldies are there. It really is a treasure trove of American music, and I recommend listening to all of it, damn you. I've been to Cleveland, and all I can say is that I hate everything and everyone in the vicinity of the bus terminal. I stopped over at a bar and a bunch of men came down on me for spurning this giant tranny for having man-hands.
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