You will own nothing and you will be nothing. (madman101) wrote,
You will own nothing and you will be nothing.

DWS - (Drunken Writer Syndrome)

Are you a conservative? NO - I don't think I have any conservatives on my list.

So, instead, are you a liberal who is open-minded to some ideas on the crazy right, because they, um, ARE THE SAME AS YOURS, even though their web sites might frequently lamb-bast Hillary, and Gore, and Salon, and Communists, and everything?

Look - it is sometimes possible for the right to have correct ideas, because they have BRAINS, and can often arrive at TRUTHS, which we can ALL congeal upon? YES?

Like, we don't want TPP. We don't want Fukushima. We don't want Monsanto. You know what? DO YOU KNOW WHAT?!

There is more that unites the so-called far-right and liberal progressives THAN DIVIDES THEM.

Rubbish through a few sites -

And... what conservatives are against the TPP? And TPP "fast-track"?....

Jeff Sessions
Donald Trump
Mark Levin
Lou Dobbs
Ed Rollins
Alan Keyes
Allen West
Dinesh D’Souza
Ron Paul
Curtis Ellis

Why aren't you doing something?! You are not sick, like me. You know what injustice means. You know the score, at least from what I have posted. Why aren't you getting busy and connecting the dots, between people and groups? PLEASE! o_c_c_u_p_y What is liberal? Alex Jones is painting you as a bunch of fake posh liberal DEATH-OBSESSED CONTROL FREAKS - and he is saying that his movement is the true, classic liberalism - in the spirit of THOMAS JEFFERSON.

Thomas Jefferson??? - THAT INCLUDES ME!

THAT INCLUDE YOU! unless you want me to drop you - kiss kiss - love love.

What is the problem with disenfranchised people connecting, left and right, black and white? I don't understand how easilly this society is handing itself over to the global banksters. If you don't want to hear this talk then at least spend some time on this STUDYING UP! I am not wrong.

Start with this very good premise! - MADMAN IS NOT WRONG!

Why the do you think I have given up a life of fame and money, which was totally available to me? Why do you think so many of my relatives became JUDGES, to spite me? BECAUSE I SEARCH FOR TRUTH - FOR RIGHT - NO MATTER WHAT IS GOING ON IN SOCIETY.

You want to know the truth? You come to me! You stand with what I stand for, because I have lost everything and have nothing else to lose - I LIVE FOR YOU!





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