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gut feelings

In this scientiffy journal, I have long positted that illnesses, (often involving problems with glucose utilisation), such as diabetes, alzheimers, CFS, and autism, (etc.), probably involve some as-yet undetermined pathogen. In the case of alzheimers, at least one pathogen has been found to correlate, a micoplasm normally found in the lungs. While I have thought that these pathogens probably existed in the brain, blood, and gut, (which may be so), it is now being hypothesized that AUTISM is associated with a bacteria in the gut. Very important research.

Antibiotics improve autistic child's symptoms, validating the autism-gut microbe connection - http://www.naturalnews.com/049813_autism_gut_microbiome_antibiotics.html

And aside - many so-called genetic conditions may not be so, because it is being found that genetics are more pliable than previously thought, (which I have always believed). The body has an amazing ability to right itself - were it not for other invasive life forms contesting for resources, and manipulating chemical and consciousness dynamics.
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