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* - galaxy

end of world trumpets

Posted on 2015.05.23 at 07:02
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Crazy Earth sounds. "Gabriel's Trumpet" sounds are finally being reported in the corporate news. And now the far right is picking up on it, including Alex Jones, who usually avoids all this alien, queasy stuff. You can listen to the sounds here:


...but this article gets nowhere near the actual explanation for this sounds. The explanation is this:

Geomagnetic pole shift is occurring. Changes and interactions in magneto-electronic waves interact with the atmosphere and create audible sound waves. And, yes, these can absolutely be regarded as forewarnings of "apocalypse," because pole shift is a BIG DEAL. It just happens to be occurring at the same time as global warming, mass extinctions, and perturbations with the sun. These things are ultimately all related, and this is what some refer to as god.

Better analysis of these sounds are over at http://www.earthfiles.com

I have recently found that there is a correlation of ocean heat and higher geomagnetic activity, in the region of the Indian Ocean. This is a wonderful bit of information. More on this subject in some later theme post.

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