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oh stop your wining I CANT SIR I'M IRISH

Posted on 2015.05.23 at 06:32
How can I give up wine? It's the only thing that is keeping me aloof.

Recipe for instant Livingston Cabernet Savigney Weaver:

1 cup vinegar
1 cup Koolaid
1/2 cup alcohol
sulfites optional
water down to taste

Did you know that many producers add things like blood to their wine, and yet do not have to disclose this? Also, there is a lawsuit against some winemakers - I think Kennedy or Papantonio is involved - but I forgot what it was about. Something is being added to the wine. Children, probably.

I walked my dog to the vet yesterday, then walked to the store, then walked back to the vet, then walked my dog home. Miles were involved. When I was arriving home, my dog was finally manageable, and we walked towards the house, where the downstairs guy was sitting, and he actually waved to me, so I said, "Hey, Hotshot, how's it goin?" - Perfect - ha! He responded, kinda like a squirmy little child. A little later, J-Girl started stomping around downstairs. Did I say something wrong?

Hey, I wonder if it would be appropriate if I went down there and operated on her, and removed her heart, because that is the equivalent of what they are doing to me. Fortunately, I escape their evil designs by keeping my heart in a jar full of wine, which I keep by the door. I'm saving it for someone. My dog eyes it rapaciously.

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