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crazy - nerd boy

Behind the Mirror: the Politics of Narcissism - Another Part

Posted on 2015.05.21 at 22:20
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I am going to try to write an addendum to the last theme post. I hope I can remember it all. I am still very tired and brain-drained. This here postie is about all the ideas that I should have included in the last one. ( http://madman101.livejournal.com/1698468.html )

Let's see.. First of all, I have come to some important "philosophical" conclusions. These may help in the conversation. First of all, information always contains emotion. Why? For one thing, it is NOT information unless it is observed by some entity. Most everything in the universe is an entity, (partaking of dynamic universal consciousness), and therefore most information is being observed.

When one observer, for example, observes a bit of information, that observer employs emotion. What instantaneously occurs is that the information is given meaning and a life of its own. It is an observational relationship. The information, or particle-wave, is thereby "collapsed" into one particular TIME, or timeline, which it shares with the observer. (This is related to how MATTER is actually made, as within the conscious center of the sun).* It is placed in a time and space, and this makes it real, and meaningful - (it is also a means). Relevant. As information, it produces inner-formation withing the observer, who, in turn, makes inner-formation with the information. This process includes the imparting, or sharing, of emotion.

What does it mean that the observer employs emotion (in this process)? It means that the observer seeks out from internal and external UNCERTAINTY, or discord, one particular way of looking at things, of expecting things to be, of one particular timeline towards some anticipated future. This may be called a willful act, but it is also the act of measurement itself. What it allows is a determination regarding what might be and now IS the particular information. Wading through uncertainty to willfully determine, or "make sense," always involves emotion. Simultaneously, this emotion is shared by the information.

Or, in the reverse, say there is a bit of "made" information "already" out there somewhere. (It has been made by a collection of other observers). This is called memory, (which, once it is remembered, has always existed and always will exist). The observer may then find it, and observe it, and register it - whether it came from "within the mind" or from "the ouside real world" (of standard time) - as a thing, as information. Either way, the observer must both retrieve memory within, (as recognition), and from without, (as a recognised mean). When you see a duck, you don't always realise that you are also retrieving memory from within and from without. But, again, this whole process involves emotion.

The discovery and encoding and creation, or observation, of information always involves emotion - and a sharing of memory and of consciousness. This is how universal consciousness is dynamical, and, though infinite and eternal, and "non-existent", can limit itself to local observers and facts and times and meanings and emotions.

One wonderful manifestation of this paradoxical nature of universal consciousness is that it is possible to derive meaning and emotion from across infinity, and tie them magically into local instances of synchronicity, bizarre coincidence, profound experience, impossible connections, psychic awareness, and so forth.

This is the magic of the ORIGAMI UNIVERSE. (auto-search my tags). But it all depends on the participation of any one observer, requiring will and emotion - or "flow" or "hope" or "prayer" or "love" - on that observer's part. If you are a zombie, then this will probably not work for you. However, the process is just as valid for atheists as it is for baby pandas or bacteria or fundamentalist bible-thumpers who are sometimes mistaken for bacteria.

Back to paragraph #4 - (I suggest you reread it now)... Being a troubled or spirited pulling of sense, (and finite time), out of randomness or quantum flux, the act of observing and measuring must connect every previous moment with the new moment - every bit of sense with the next - every information and particle in this apparently flowing, finite timeline being created. So, think of it simply: Each particle strung along the timeline must be somehow connected, glued - glued by something of consciousness which is not so local, not so restricted - each particle becomes glued not by smaller and smaller particles, in a Xeno paradox, but by something more like WAVES - waves all unified and patterned, reaching across the universe we know and love.

Observing, putting a genie particle of information into a cup of measurement, the observer MUST also, "simultaneously", release a kind of nemesis of the particle - the uncertain, unknown, uncontrolled wave. The wave of emotion. This wave of emotion is where the sharing takes place. This is where we walking lumps of clay are able to connect consciously, and even psychically, with each other. Emotion emotion.

Emote = "to move."

You thought you collapsed that wave, didn't you? No, it remains, like a ghost, hanging around like a fog, unmeasurable, connecting so nebulously. And, alas, as we so move forward in our time, especially if stressed or obsessed.........


A final note on all this silliness. Above, I gave you, mainly, and example of how one observer creates or interacts with one bit or particle of information. Although this is fundamentally true, in wider "reality," there are a whole bunch of entities observing and being observed, sharing in a similar, "standard," timeline. This is the realm of life on Earth, for example. (The, "Medicosm").

As scientists measure and figure, they devise laws from this local, temporary realm, thinking these laws are applicable also to the very small and chaotic, and to the very large and distant. Instead, paradox is inevitable, as they begin with the premise of materiality, or beings, and do not include the dynamic of being itself. In a way, this is a flaw in all measurement and observation. Mortals have their limits.

Similarly, in society, we all collude in a placement of not-so-fitting absolutes and expectations onto each other, and onto society as a whole. We share some spirit and emotion, but we also share the discord and entropy. The social disorganisation. This is largely the realm of economics, btw. And morality, (usually in religion). Value/s.

But, it all begins in each individual's head, and heart.

I am not going to relate ALL I have said here to the topic of narcissism, etc., in the last post. However, it was important to write it all down for the record. It relates to so many other concepts.

However, there are many things we can take away from the discussion above. For example, there is emotion in everything, and everyone. Everyone is involved in a willful process, to some degree, and a war with entropy, and great despair at not reaching expectations, and so forth. Emotion emotion. So, any attempt to CONTROL them, as a narcissistic system is wont to do, will inevitably have contrary consequences. Even as smart, wise, savvy human beings, we too are like billiard balls in chaos, and produce more entropy when enraged.

[Thermodynamics is the study of the attempt of entities to agree or disagree on their standard timeline/s].

Another take-away is: How our brains process information! As I said, an observer requires emotion in order to measure or judge bits of information, and "glue" them together, thus creating a timeline, or a chain of memory, (or a whole construction of a mathematical theory, or an idea some person's whole personality, or etc.). As well, means and meaning are made. Memory is "made". Memory and emotion and consciousness are shared.

What happens if it is not so easy to "observe" a chain of info bits into one single, sense-making timeline, because there are a whole bunch of other observers out there, (even including the bits which the observer may want to conform), simply don't want to live in that timeline. They are in, or moving towards, some other timeline. Maybe some bigger observer #2 is moving in on the territory, and is swaying them into his own sphere, like gravity. Or, maybe they have always been content how they were, making some different kind of sense than observer #1 wants to measure, or control.

Then, the observer, (#1), has to try harder to make things conform, right? The observer must put in more effort, more energy. He must create more entropy. He is really forcing things. He is forcing a false time, and a false future. A contrary, impossible, and so non-existent future, perhaps. What a lot of emotional stress is involved in this, right. Right. If this observer were a person, he would now be using the reptilian part of his brain, rather than the higher, free-association parts. He wants things his own way. He expects his expectations to be fulfilled, and that others must bow down to this.

These days, we are drowning in a flood of people who are trying to force others to accept their way. They put ends before means, conclusions before premises, force before free will. They make assumptions of what SHOULD be, based on their assumed RIGHT - they are supposedly right simply because they exist. Even many bureaucratic or religionist scientists are like this, these days. But this is not very scientific. It is an aggregation of narcissists, creating chaos in society.

So, what these people do is connect the dots with bigger and bigger lies to fill in the bigger and bigger gaps.

In the associational or associative brain - so comfortable in an amenable society - more subtle connections, and cross connections are made. Smaller bits of information, and more dynamic wave-glue.

In the fight/flight reptilian brain, however, there are clusters of dots wandering off this way and that, uncontrollably. So, the reptilian tries harder to control everything - make all the dots conform into his scheme. His timeline. His predictions and his planned future. (FAIL). (In fact, this obsession to control can be part of some true, or some psychological, addiction).

Reptiles usually don't get along in human society.

SO, what he does, to exert more control, is to build a bigger FALSE WAVE. A wave of abstract absolutism, floating on high - backed up by various instances of tangible, physical FORCE. Now, he has this big absolute at the top of a pyramid, and a bunch of unhappy dots and groups of dots, all held prisoner at the bottom.

Yet, he goes against the nature of the rest of reality, to which those prisoners belong. And so, everything shifts to topple this scheme. And shifts and shifts again. The absolute never holds in all instances. How embarrassing. So, what does he now do, to rationalise his forceful retention of his prisoners? He conveniently changes the absolute, or the argument, or the FALSE PROMISES, from moment to moment, just so he can continue the forceful, narcissistic "need" to control. Like politicians.

Well, of course, giant institutions and corporations get like this, don''t they? Thinking themselves too big to fail, rationalising more and more destructive means for upholding the status quo, which once brought them such a nice chain of profit, but which now requires more and more expenditure. See. See how we move towards fascism.

These are the big dogs. But there are small dogs throughout a narcissistic society, who gain their false power by pledging allegiance to them, even as they shift from lie to lie, justifying their sweet bullying and abuse.

And... Look at the difference between the wholistic model of the associative brain, and the hierarchical, dissonant model of the reptilian, stressed brain. The first is a lot like the outer, networked regions of the brain itself. The second is a lot like the single-wired and looped areas of the limbic system - the more obvious, elemental memory systems.

Well, in happy, peaceful societies, there is mergence and networking and resolution, between values and acts, between ends and means, between individuals and group-allegiances.

But in declining societies, there is great irresolution between such things, where groups or companies exert themselves harder and harder, only to create a wider backlash of dissonance throughout. Political instability.

I have written of these social aspects of irresolution and value-distention, and political ambiguation, or such, in previous posts.

Just as this happens in society, it happens in magnetic fields and electric currents, but I am only saying this for the record.

That's all for now! Oh well, never got around to the slightest of my other points, but this is a worthwhile post. Ta ta.

* - (And the activity of a stressed society, reducing itself to reptilian materialism, limitting futures, is also related to the process by which matter is made. As said in the last post, this sort of society turns the world into a (expererience of) a much more physical, material, particularist place).


erinfondue at 2015-05-22 09:33 (UTC) (Lien)
I didn't have time to read this in full, but I was interested.
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2015-05-22 16:43 (UTC) (Lien)
Good enough - thanks. I understand.

I don't expect all friends to read my heavy "theme posts", but they remain available to anyone following this journal in the future. The main thing is for me to get these ideas out when I am able.

I should be adding some new thoughts to this post, and will let folks know when that editing is done.
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