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I am the person who will destroy China.

On getting enough SLEEP !

Again, not able to take dog to vet - today. Hopefully on the morrow, alas. I am already very late(!) (for registration, shots). My health is the issue, but so are the people downstairs who are making me sicker. I will use to day to try to catch up on posting and commenting, eventually. So many good articles out there on the internet. Bogging me down. Curiosity killed the cat, but I can't even get past the CFS dementia to culture the curiosity. Btw - yes, CFS dementia is a correct technical term because I have been an expert on the subjects for years - and it is also a way to communicate betterly.

I made my first big comment of the week yay, and I think all may benefit from it, and so I repost it for yous guys who are swell. First, I will add a related link. At some point later, the two links will be reposted in a giant post or series which I will do about SLEEP.

Why getting by on little to no sleep spells trouble for cells, organs

"I am concerned about you. This is at least the third post saying that you are exhausted. If this symptom continues, please mention it in future posts - but please try to describe it as uniquely as you can, along with any other possible symptoms, even unusual dreams, or forgetfulness. Why?...

You sound like me when I was hit w/ CFS. My life was full of goals and activity and demands. I probably blocked sleep, including w/ caffeine and alcohol. I didn't know I was in a downfall. But it crept up on me quietly, and all I did was deny it and outrun it, because my life was too packed to be able to deal with the issue of illness. A strange illness I was so unfamiliar with - so unlike anything I might have expected, like flu, or stomach ache.

I was also having sex every night, in a relation ship that went bad, as the girl was dysfunctional due to abuse during childhood. I grew tired of the sex, but kept it going for her. This robbed me of sleep, and of renewal of my energy. I caught chlamydia. Soon, stress issues exploded, just as I was falling from fatigue, and then the illness began rising most dramatically.

I saw this article a little while back, and I thought it might interest you. I think sensitive, creative, high-energy people are really vulnerable to having their energy depleted, in various ways -

When More Sex Can Make You Less Happy

Depression was a correlate of my rising illness.

So - I really hope that none of this applies to you. I hope you just have normal tiredness. But that's what I thought, and mine ended up destroying my whole life. So, even if it is normal tiredness right now, I urge you to give it all the attention it needs, ASAP, just in case it might develop into something more. You don't know if you have contracted something, and should at least check this, as well as get a regular check up, if you can. And eat/ drink well. SLEEP.

Note that even in the fullness of the illness, doctors and tests do not catch CFS. It can be a horrific event to try to survive in a society which has nothing to offer but negative labels and ignorance.

Good luck to you. If this is just normal tiredness, then you still need regular, good SLEEP to catch up, right? Take care.""""""""""""""

Remember: With lack of sleep, comes MISTAKES. And with mistakes, come the decline of civilisation.
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