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Behind the Mirror: the Politics of Narcissism - One Part

Competition gone awry:

My brain is frazzled, and so I don't know how to go about the bg picture supposedly behind these next post, so I am just going to ride shotgun to luck. Can you guess why my brain is frazzled? That's right, after going to bed around 8:pm, and trying to go to sleep for hours, seeking to recover from this bad run of health, I was yet again awakened around midnight. This time, I managed to go back to sleep. Then, at 3:am, despite me being absolutely noiseless for many, many hours, someone slammed the door directly below my futon.

This was surely the guy, who is edging his way back in, to illicitly live here, just as N-Guy did. This slam was as loud as anyone could do, (in a house with walls like a drum, right below my ear, with the slanted roof right above my head). Even though I had been asleep, had earplugs in, and had pillows on top of my head, the sound woke my and shook up my fight/flight brain, sending my body into an anxiety spiral, due to my health, NOT to fear. I've been struggling at least to tamp down my racing heart, ever since then. Let's see - only got, at most, one hour of sleep after that.

At noon, I went out with my dog. I urged him to hurry, because it was raining. He succeeded. I was happy. As we were gearing to go inside, he notice someone at 'their' porch all of the sudden, so he stopped and stared. I don't know how long the person was staring out the door window, but I got my dog to come inside, where I congratulated him, and then towelled him off. Just like in Nether days, I heard J-Girl and the Guy arguing downstairs. Because I have no right. And they are entitled to give me a heart attack.

Recall that I had concluded that N-Guy, who harrassed me the same way, from day one, was a narcissist. And N-Girl was a psychopath. This is certain. But, not only did these two Nethers pass on their gossip to J-Girl and Guy, that I was THE PROBLEM, and so they should slam doors, and BANG and knock on the walls, and leave crap around my porch, and soooooo on, they passed on the SOCIAL milieu and support for harassment - the social dysfunction.

Partly, society is to blame, for the emergence, practice, and continuation of the anti-social behaviour of psychopaths and narcissists. This is very similar to how societies will encourage mob behaviour, which lines up in support of BULLIES and their executions, or of sheeple in support of tyrants.

I am living in an fissured, materialistic, egoistical community, (within the same sort of society), which seeks to propagate its aggressive dysfunction through retarded individuals who know only to seethe spitefully in private, then to wage passive aggression, then to propagate hateful gossip, then to erupt into mob behaviour, if the situation arises.

Each is convinced he or she is RIGHT. Each has foggy, propagated abstractions as justifications.

Each will use lies, as bad means to their bad ends. Each ego assumes double standards, where, e.g., someone clearing their throat somehow deserves attacks of loud BANGS at 3:am, which could lead to a heart attack.

Each misses subtle, relevant, big-picture incoming information, and then retaliates with a flood of impertinent information, to hide their own ignorance.

Each fails to admit mistakes, even while prolifically generating mistakes. (This is a sign of arrogance, as will be discussed re: Clinton, soon).

Each begins with cart-before-horse, preclusive assumptions, (prejudices), which inevitably reduce people into corners, and into "good" versus "bad" groups. These are the logics of death. The science of might-makes-right.

This is an abandonment of control over to those who are most powerful, such as to gangster thugs, mob bosses, the police, and Big Brother.

Making forgone assumptions - presumptions - missing incoming information, is how the fight/flight reptilian brain operates. It is all a rationalisation of self-defense in THE MOMENT. Rather than having confidence in a FUTURE, such people have abstract, nebulous ABSTRACTIONS justifying actions in the now. What is felt to be self-defense is usually instead pre-emptive offense. Thus the society is held in an immediate, stressful, futureless stasis - status quo. There is nowhere to go when the status quo becomes all conserving, all-consuming.

The emotion of the moment is what dictates whether one deems that another - the "other" - is an annoying ENEMY. Turning fear to anger. In order to justify the execution of unfair action or abuse or lies or VIOLENCE, the aggressor THEN refers to the squidlike abstractions in their unsound heads, using them and their LABELS, (or categories of groups and sub-groups, like racial stereotypes), as I believe I have posted about recently.

This is a society and a mentality of EMOTIONALISM, and denied despair. Denied fear. Perpetual anger and spite and overreaching and undercutting. "If I don't shoot first, the other guy will." Everyone is emotionally frozen, in reptilian fight/flight, without confidence in some valuable future. Where do people go with this? TERRITORY. Territoriality.

Being prisoners of the absurd, these people play games in an arena where the future does not exist: Turf wars. Seething over property lines. Quietly trying to breech the territory of others. Inch by inch. Testing, testing, hiding. It's disgusting. You see, when FUTURE is removed from potentiality, what is left but concrete MATTER? Ownership, for its own sake. Even though this mentality is pervasive among the elite, in a different way, it is compounded for the poor who own little of what is life-important, such as homes, or healthy food.

Fear is transformed into anger through BLAME of something external. Something material. This is called, "objectification," (a form of observation, which alters reality a little. A physics term I use for it is, "collapse"). Objectification is a primary step towards movements of genocide. It can be confused and made habitual by some kinds of sex.

Why is there no future in a world of turf wars? Because it is obscured by a chaotic social rationality of LIES, and uncertain memory. Value is indeterminate. Value becomes materialistic. Value become imitation. Yet value is perfidious. Why is there no value in a world of territory, concrete, and physical force? Because behind the futureless lies is UNCERTAINTY, which manifests as the emotion of FEAR. Constantly needing to turn this fear into "defensive" anger is precisely how the neighbourhood is reduced into a zone of spiritless matter.

Reduction of minds, and reduction of reality, to the lowest common denominators. This is related to the phsyical process of materialisation, where the choice or direction towards futures becomes more and more narrow.

Of course, who wants to be around this? Who wants to throw money at communities where people are always angry and conceited? No one. There are also historic preconditions for the development of want and fear and anger among the poor, and of anti-social behaviour among blacks. These have been covered extensively, and yet continue to be forgotten, over decades. It is easier for majority narcissists to benignly neglect and abuse minority narcissists, using labels, in times where the entire population undergoes a massive struggle of wealth and resource disruption. Practically, individually, it makes sense. It seems to make sense - as the denial of responsibility amplifies, in the emergence of groups and mobs.

While the history of deprivation is real, and is something I emphasise re: OCCUPY, this is not my study here. I am looking at a common sociological dynamic, in stressed conditions, which emerges from private psychological and physiological dynamics, (and vice versa).

A main point to take home is this: This is a psychological trap - a vicious cycle that the entire community and society perpetuates. Wherever there is one step forward, there are two steps back - for everyone. Fix the broken window, three more get bashed, because the renters own the turf, not the landlords - then the kings of the hood own the turf. In exchange, the renters and the banks have the police, who own the turf. And it goes back and forth, back and forth. It is a money-sink.

Put an idealist on the corner, and does that mentality expand geometrically, as it does in so many other societies? Or is it crushed - is it fixated upon, gossipped against, drawn into the crap, and crushed, by the warriors of turf? He who stands for a higher future appears NOT TO DESERVE his own confidence, and so the land beneath his feet. He becomes a mark.

(Or she).

Whereas, those who feel they have no positive future, what are they likely to do? They are wont to ignore words and pursuits and times of escape into imagination, into spirit, into planning, into building, and more likely to obsess over this inch and that inch of physical movement, over physical food, over biceps, breasts and skin-colour.

Whatever the cause, Baltimore is here and now. More money, more police, more white guilt, more etc., isn't going to deal with this spiral of negative being. Addressing large scale economics can and will help. Investing in new local economics would help. Looking directly at the faults and corruptions of present-day capitalism would be very important. But we also have to own up to the psychological faults of narcissism and anti-socialism in our communities, and our wider society. These include tacit or implied support of greed, force, materialism, isolation, bullyism, and even thug culture.

I was listening to Norman Goldman recently, and he mentioned that certain people (males) in the inner cities, mainly blacks in Baltimore, etc., are referred to as, "thugs," in the media, whereas the bikers in Waco were not. Instead of being called a, "riot," the white bikers eruption was called a, "shoot-out." I am sorry, can we get beyond dwelling on this nonsense. everyone knows what a thug is, and that both are thugs. But thug-culture is an established popular reference to belligerent urban black males and their ho's, who revel in violent rap, gangstering, drugs and money. This new definition does not fully define the bikers.

And everyone knows the bikers are gangs - but have they yet been thought of as gangsters, like in Al Capone's Chicago? The status quo thinks of bikers as bikers - rude, violent, etc., and sometimes helping people - like Guardian angels. The status quo has not yet come to see that there is a different THUG culture amongst rising biker GANGS. But why dwell on this, merely fanning flames of racism? I now that Alex Jones refers to them as gangsters and thugs. That's what they are - but according to certain definitions, which differ and change.

But they didn't riot, because the common definition of, "riots," has been shaped by riots of the past: chaotic urban uprisings in response to some group or majority or race. That's not what happened in Waco. What happened in Waco was thought of as a, "shoot-out," because it was a targetted gang-warfare between two gangs, occurring in TEXAS. By BIKERS, who roam the West.

Of course it was more likely to be called a shoot-out than a riot, because that's what it was, even though some definitions of, "riot," may be applicable. Others are not. Why get so drawn in and stuck on this nonsense - and then moving on to the next violent TV sensation?! What has been accomplished but audience-group self-satisfying? In Chicago, when there's crossfire between gang groups, do you know how the news often describe it? As a shoot-out! Give me a break!

"Hey! Look what I found! Look what I found! Another sign of racism! Yay! Everything is caused by racism! Yay! See? Look at me! I'm exceptional!"

Soon, on the Norman Goldman show, an older black woman called. She lived in a depressed area of Baltimore, or Chicago, (forgot). She went against liberal policy, and began describing how young black males in the area are partly responsible. She said they go out of their way to immitate the thug culture, as seen on TV, in rap music, etc. They lap it up, and decide they want to be, "hard," just like the gangsters. This woman said that she was not afraid to walk in front of them, while they idled on the sidewalk, MENACINGLY, but that she was afraid they would attack other males who passed by, (their supposed turf), white or black, including her own sons.

She said that these black jerks, when offered a job, would simply ridicule it. (Just like farmers in Afghanistan, given the opportunity of growing opium rather than wheat). Drugs are a big part of this, as is poverty, and we all know that the BANKS are largely responsible for the whole war of drugs!

Norman Goldman rather wanted to slip away from this, and so gave a standard, loaded question, "Do you think if these were WHITE males, the police would treat them differently."

She said that the police would also harass them, if they were white, but they wouldn't shoot them. But she said the latter mainly to conciliate. The fact is, the police wouldn't shoot black males for loitering either, most likely. If there was violence or provocation, possibly. Some from whites!

What Goldman is ignoring is that the thug culture is real and it SEEKS TO PROVOKE. It is abusive and destructive. That's a reality. So, the police are more likely to be on guard from thug groups. If a group of white guys turns out to be a thug group, which is not as common, then the police will be on guard then, as well! But the chance is lower.

Why is it so important to ignore reality? Why this constant need by many liberals to conclude that if they "find" racism somewhere, then somehow the problem can be framed and solved, (i.e., conservatives can be blamed)? Nothing is solved! The liberals are merely congratulating themselves for being, "right". Well, many conservatives do the same thing, in reverse. And it is getting us nowhere. Ignoring what is real. You be that way and try living where that woman lives - you will be eaten alive, unless you support the decadence.

Everybody is cowering for groups, running for cover.

It doesn't mean that just because there is such a real thing as thug gangs trying to provoke, that white racism does not exist, and so forth!

It goes like this. If you do not support these "liberals'" claim that everything is white racism, but instead discuss things beyond this, then that means that you are advocating for the other side, and can be blamed and dismissed. Maybe even hurt. But, if you do not support many "conservatives'" claim that NOTHING is white racism, but instead discuss things beyond this, then that means that you are advocating for the other side, and can be blamed and dismissed. Maybe even hurt. Both sides are the same kind of people: Fundamentalists. Cowards, using their reptilian brains, ignoring incoming relevant information. Converting fear into blame. Objectifying.

There is a huge amount of good information between these two poles, and beyond them. Unfortunately, those who do use most of their brain, their imagination, in free-association, are precisely the free individuals who are found the most annoying, and become the most targetted, and misrepresented. This reinforces the two poles of the STATUS QUO. As we know, the more you try to reinforce the status quo, (as by throwing money at it, or by further liberating bastard corporations), the more entropy and explosive potential you create.

Likewise, there is a whole lot of free-association happening by people between and beyond these poles, from both left AND right, finding ways for agreement and solution. But it is free-association which is under attack. Free-association is the opposite of this fear-driven, greed-driven, polarising atomism. Where alternatives disappear, and the future falters.

It is very true that young men in inner Baltimore feel they have no future, and so they turn to some exciting imitation of the TV, and live in a world of meanness and selfishness. They choose an ultimate path of narcissism, because the future offers nothing else. And this is, as most liberals say, largely due to not having opportunities, (futures), given by those in power, which is related to white racism. (But it more helpful to look at the mechanisms of corrupting global capitalism, as well as common group psychologies). This is true.

On the other hand, Alex Jones was correctly ranting against the thug mentality, both black and white, where it was seen as being cool and desirable to act tough, to destroy things, to get yourself thrown in jail, and so be proud of the fact that YOU HAVE NO FUTURE. By becoming prisoner to the mentality of materialism and narcissism, the thug himself loses his future, and becomes not much more than an object, which is manipulated by those in power, (such as the banksters and politicians). And, this is the more conservative interpretation, compared to that in the paragraph above. An it is also TRUE. Personal responsibility matters.

Both of these are true, and neither are exclusive!


Because the left, or the right, looks only at one side of every CYCLE, not both. Not all. But nothing gets solved unless the whole cycle is studied and addressed.

Having no future encourages a mentality revelling in no future, which creates an environment where no future is offered. The same occurs from the outside: No future is offered from the wealthy, most of whom are white. The everyone in the inner cities become blamed along with the narcissistic thugs - as being a bad investment, having no future.

Most everything is a cycle, a loop. People are stuck in their stations, both by what they do, and what is done to them. Social discourse is a give-and-take. This is most true in stressful areas where everybody is using their reptilian brains, and everything keeps getting reduced to black versus white, which consumes victims left and right. In such a society, right and wrong keep changing, according to urgent convenience, and much of what is parleyed or tendered among people are words with little worth - lies. It's every man for himself, when there is no gross future.

"Your future is not MY future!"

What is this? This is the emergence of restive GROUPISM, with each group vying for it's own separate, "future," or turf, which is the next best, and most tangible, thing. There lies all the glory, as if in a grave.

"Your white ways - your right ways - your black ways - your religious life - your gay lifestyle - are not our ways!'

The mere site of some other group member triggers the feeling that one is being ATTACKED. And the cycle continues.

Check this - http://www.livescience.com/50872-atheists-remind-people-of-death.html

This began in rabid American Anti-Communism, which goes back to Puritanism, which goes back. Now it is diffuse, as group is played off against groups, while the only "common enemy" we now have are the nebulous terriblists.

More and more people are more and more falling into the same desperate group, greedy-self mentality. Why? Because they are all trying to hang on to their higher expectations and plans of their pasts - to their hopes for supposed futures. But, the well is running dry, and everybody is getting squeezed, except for those in control. So, people are experiencing a personal feeling of LOSS OF CONTROL.

What do they do? They overreach. They lunge ahead. They blame and deny. They ignore the poor. They become racist. They lie. They cheat. They put ends before means. They make harmful presumptions. They race to grab the treat before anyone else. They feel they deserve this - because, we have become a nation of narcissists. And we recognise it more NOW because NOW it is actually harming other people, overtly. It is costing, and is not being paid for. But, more than anything, this pathos is being practiced and perpetrated by the banks and groups and corporations at the top.

The poor, the elites, the middle class - they all try to control people, more and more. In social contexts, this coercion is the opposite of free-association. But, many venerate and permit the bullies and the sociopaths, who have the ethic that it is cool to overreach and force and exploit - to rush in and violate the commons - to smash and grab - because their is presently the myth that this often works. This often works because a lot of people are easy marks, walking around, missing incoming information, lock in into narcissistic Facebook and cellphones, biding their time in a bubble until their fantasy future supposedly arrives.

But this exploitive ethos is working less and less, except for those fewer and fewer spiders, eating, at the top. Meanwhile, entropy and costs and injury are growing, fast.

[What if Jesus, the altruist, were to wak in to this chaos? And some jerk comes along and keeps badgering him for money. And Jesus gives him money, or something. The jerk laughs, "Hey I ACTUALLY GOT SOMETHING FOR FREE IN THIS WORLD! MY LIFE ISN'T ALL BAD!" - But instead of thanking Jesus, the jerk looks at him and laughs, resorting to the old mindset, "Ha ha ha - what a FOOL you are ha ha ha!" And he bops Jesus on the head and walks away. As a martyr, Jesus went through these attacks over and over,mistaken for a fool, but supposedly guranteed a return to Heaven. It is getting to the point where everybody is expecting something free, and that everyone else should be as giving and foolish as a martyr.

[And the scorpion ascked the frog to carry him across the river, promisig to never sting him. When they got to the other side, the scorpion stung the frog. "Why did you do that, " screamed the frog. "Because I'm a scorpion." Becoming labels].

Part of this ethos is to manipulate, to lie, to control. This is widespread, and is a symptom of social narcissism. To control. For selfish gain. At all costs. Values be damned. Walk around like the spotlight is on you, and deserves to be on you, OR ELSE, massively retaliate - in theory. In fact, most people are too afraid or stuck to retaliate - and get caught. It is all passive aggression, bluff, and recourse to bullies and banksters to do their dirty work. Thus, we have the police more and more working for the banks and the suburbs, with their own narcissistic assumptions.

Even so, many police mean to do well, but are overworked by quotas and bad training, and enter into neighbourhoods where idiots are menacingly walking down the middle of the street, like they own them, and so the police not only in fear - they are professionally encouraged to turn that fear into anger. In their case, blame comes in the form of bullets.

But, it is simply wrong to think that the collection of individuals called the police are racists, out hunting blacks. For one thing, police abuse is also harming many other minorities, like the disabled and elderly. And quotas push their efforts. They are more likely to make arrests in areas where there is the most crime, which often are in black areas. Another cycle, this in turn leads to more crime in those areas. These are facts - realities. One or two police officers may get out of line, and then the others stupidly fall in behind these bullies. Same thing happens in black areas, where thugs reign. It's all the same human behaviour, and it can be related to, among many things, a kind of mass narcissism. Control the problem away - as if that will really work.

Hopefully, I will get around to making a separate post on the subject of cycles and how everything holds everything else in one spot. This is most certainly true in territorial, dog-eat-dog, piss-on-you nature. Although we once rose out of this muck, we are fast sinking back into it.

I need to rest!
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