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* - galaxy
Posted on 2015.05.19 at 19:34
My brain has been down for three days. Crushing fatigue, etc. So unabled - yet no one outside, or below, has any idea. Speaking of ideas, I have a myriad of ideas I am eager to post about, before they fall away into Forgotten Land. But it looks like I will once again just try to sleep early again. I did this the last two nights, and was awakened both times by the girl downstairs stomping around, and etc., and instead of being able to go back to sleep, I was up all night with my brain filled with immense, intense pain, burning - it cannot be described, or compared to anything. The only doctors who understand this illness are the ones who have it. Enough of that. I was intending to post tonight, but no dice. Thank you for your comments, which I love getting to, once I am me again.

Here - I will give this post a meaning: While in the throes of bodilly woes, it occurred to me that I have never once used the word, "moreover," in writing, or in conversation. Moreover, I don't think I ever will.

Btw - I had three really great dreams, when I fell into a nap earlier this morning. Meaningful. I woke up feeling well - but, by now, I am back in the same grind.

Maybe I can post the dreams later - yet one more post to do. One of the dreams ended with everybody singing, "Gee, it's good to be back home again," by Bob Denver, who flew into a mountain. Do not confuse him with Sonny Bono, who played with the Irish band, Me3.


erinfondue at 2015-05-20 09:41 (UTC) (Lien)
Look forward to reading about your dreams, when you're feeling up to writing them down.


Pourquoi est-ce que ce site est en francais?
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2015-05-20 09:57 (UTC) (Lien)
Thank you.

I studied French, and always wanted to refine it, but I never got far. My journal is in French style cuz I thought that this would keep it fresh in my mind, and I just like it. But I have so many brain difficulties now, I don't think I'll ever get good at French.
erinfondue at 2015-05-20 11:09 (UTC) (Lien)
Moi aussi j'etudias le francais. On peut se parler de temps en temps si tu en as envie. J'ai oublie beaucoup mais il y avait une fois que j'habitais en France et parlais la langue assez courrament.
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2015-05-21 01:38 (UTC) (Lien)
"I also studied French. I am able to speak it from time to time, if ... there is the wish....? (Or: "One may speak it from time to time if you wish - ?") I have forgotten a lot but I look forward to a time when I may live in France and speak the language with fair confidence."

- ?

I would so much rather be in France, and would speak French there, learning without a book. That would be much easier for me. That will never happen.

I am very slow at figuring out most written French, requiring a dictionary. But I catch some basics easilly. You can throw in some here and there, but I really can't converse much in writing, as much as I would love to. Tenses, genders, modifiers - they are all a blur.

Good for you, though. I admire and encourage this.
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