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Dear autistics: Take "Bird-Brain" as a compliment!

Posted on 2015.05.16 at 19:19


where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2015-05-22 03:54 (UTC) (Lien)
I find your story of the raven wonderful! As you know, crows and ravens are very intelligent. You are so lucky to have seen that. But I know you are also a "rare bird" who is out observing, as well! Yes, that raven had a lot of imagination and forethought! Or - maybe he has seen ravens in the past do this, who knows?

Well, as far as birds and death, I honestly suspect that this can be true. I say this not from superstition, but from some observation and also a true story or two.

One of my beloved relatives was dying. I spent the nights, away from her, on her former bed. Meanwhile, night after night, there were noises in the chimney. I accidentally left the lid off the fireplace, and soon, the trapped bird flew into the bedroom.

Unusually, the bird looked at me with one eye, as I lovingly approached it, and allowed me to capture it in a little box. Then I took the box outside and released her.

Soon, my relative died. I felt as if I had set her spirit free - at least free from her love of me. And, this event was accompanied by some other very odd events. It certainly was meaningful to me.

I hope I can find an interesting story (audio link) I posted in my LJ some years ago, (once or twice), about Spalding Grey's death, and a bird in his house. Perhaps it is in my tags under "animals - birds".

I apologise for my delay in commenting back. I do get really ill, and it is hard to keep up. Indeed, I really did appreciate this comment, and wanted to have my head clear so I could respond - responsibly to you. I also hope to get to know you more, as you seem to be a special person.
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