I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Dear autistics: Take "Bird-Brain" as a compliment!

After much incidental observation, I came to the conclusion that the sparrows outside my window would start chirping in this loveless hood whenever they heard me singing or humming.

Life begets life.

(And we creatures are immediately inclined to preserve life, in kind).

In my life, I have seen that birds have an intelligence, and feeling, beyond us, just like cats. After all, birds have been around for many, many more millions of years, since the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs weren't stupid, they just had bad luck.

Fairly recently, I have come to the conclusion that whenever I would cook eggs, with my window open, the sparrows outside my window would start chirping nervously. They seem opposed to cooked eggs for some reason.

A few days ago, I was cooking eggs, and the birds began to chirp. But, I thought, "How can that be? My fan is running air INSIDE, not OUTSIDE." I later checked the fan... I had accidentally set it to run air out, rather than in. Birds know.

Birds are watching us. They take a dump on people who they generally think deserve it.

Birds think a thousand times faster than we do. Their individual species songs may seem identical, but they are just CARRYING WAVES. Astute birds are listening in to the finer, faster, frequencies along these waves.

Birds are geniuses.

Humans only come to understand this after they have committed egregious crimes, so devoid of humanity and nature in their lives. They get sent to Alcatraz. After many years, they find out that birds are smarter than we are.

And then we call these prisoners crazy.

In most medieval paintings, meaning to convey foreboding, there is a dark bird painted into a corner. Why? Because birds are oracles. Listen to your elders!

Birds think so fast, they can see various futures, including your own. You may see a cat sitting, knowing a dog will be approaching, and then the cat will spryly dash off.

But there is something sitting aside, who is smarter than the psychic cat.

There is the bird.


Humanity may have failed if it were not for these sweet omens.
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