I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Green Acres on Crack - Part One?

Today was one of the most exasperating and absurd days of my life. Nothing big - everything small. An endless stream of movie-like insanity. On a nice day, everybody feeling good, they fling into completely inane zombie bizarreness. Egos as big as your head. Morals as flat as your foot. When I see something like this, I know that something big and bad is coming soon. There will be more rain coming - so maybe the town will be hit by a tornado. I cannot predict. But I also see that my horoscope said I was due for a downward spiral, which would difficult from which to escape... from... which... into... as...

The downstairs people have been slamming doors. I left message for LL. No response because she is in the same townie soup. Really - I swear - my fellows in sophisticated ways - you have no idea - this is like Green Acres on crack.

So - my health ended up not so hot today. Because I never went ahead with the plan to walk my dog to the vet, I was downtown w/ at least 1 and 1/2 hour to spare. So, I spent it in the library, struggling to recover from dementia and fatigue. I made significant progress, but people only got weirder. Maybe I'll discuss this weirdness later. I just know that this town is completely screwed up - and some would say that it is biding its time before inevitable GODFUL JUDGEMENT rains down upon it. And they all look and point at me and laugh - no you YOU are the witch!

I've learnt enough from this place. I've got to get out. Californians - either don't flee to here, or do so in massive numbers.

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