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OK - four girls lying across in bathing suits - it's the one in the weird kitchen suit who's HOT!!!!

Well... a little time to fiddle...

I am reminded....

I like the show Everwood, I think it's on UPN - very sincere, mushy, like a freaking soap opera. I'm such a girl.

Speaking of girls -

Keenya really fucked up on VH1's Next American Model show, or whatever it's called. She's so cute, and dances like heaven, but she's seemed more and more vain as time went on...

And that black model judge, whom I really LOVETH, (???!!!), seemed to be just a tad too nice to her on account'a their mutual blackness...

If Keenyah had the personality of the blond girl w/ blue eyes, well, OK, then, I'd marry her. But I'd settle for the blonde girl, with amazing knock-abouts.

But it's probably going to be that ice-cold girl, who's got cute little ears, who wins.

Y'all tune in, esp. you STUDS, Wednesday.

I suppose I'll offer my literary criticism of the latest Marshall Field's catalogue later, in my next post maybe...

ta ta

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