where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

Thank you for the new adds. I am not fit to eat your compost. Uh, if you care about filters, then you can comment on that special post of mine up there at the top there somewhere.

I am really going to miss midnight21. She has proved that she will never change, and that hurts me.

I retaliated against J Girl downstairs, as she was stomping around and slamming doors again. I don't get this. At least she works, and disappears for a while, so I can feel free to clean, cook, or write, like a human being. Or - play with my dog. But, I expect she will - or she will the guy to - slam a door when I least need it, and send me into another week of relapse.

Really. Is there anywhere I can go where human beings are not inhumane beings? (That includes my dog, who made another delivery).
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