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Posted on 2015.05.08 at 15:24
The J girl downstairs has apparently been pulling double-shift lately, (and is making lotsa money, so maybe she'll move soon). This has been wonderful, no eggshells, no BS guilt, no racism. So, me and me-dog have been able to act like real human beings, more often than knot. This has explained my sudden ability to cook, and even to post the latest theme-post, even though I have been having "CFS dementia," - too much.

Yesterday, her car was in-and-out. Then, she slept all night, and the car was still there by noon today. I saw all this as unmistakable signs that she was planning on making a trip down south to see her mother. I think mothers are great, but this girl also has no life, other than working, ad making long trips in her car. That's fine, with anyone, except I don't appreciate people knocking and banging on the walls and slamming doors JUST BECAUSE I AM WHITE.

Around 2:pm, I looked again to see if she had left. Instead, a towing truck was hauling away her car. She was also there. I really don't like when overweight women dress in flamboyant summer clothing. I say this even though I am gaining a little weight. At least I try.

Well, the whole problem with her car being in the shop is that I am no longer able to see when she is gone, and when we can make NORMAL noise here! Not only that! - It is very possible that she will not be able to make the planned trip down south, which I have been SO looking forward to. However, since she has money, it is possible that she may make a late trip, later on. But her car is being towed in on a Friday. We all know that will take AT LEAST until next Thursday. GaURHHHHHHH!!!!!

I know none of this matters to you but this is still my diary, recall.

REAL NEWS: Obama travels to Oregon to push TPP, in town where NIKE is centered. NIKE?!!! - Are you kidding me?! Ha ha ha - what is this some kind of joke?! If Obama wanted to shoot himself in the public foot, he couldn't have chosen a better place!

You don't know about NIKE? Ask around.

This continues to make me wonder if Obama is a stealth president meaning to undermine the most preposterous threats!!! Why does he keep doing this to me!!!!!!!! I want to read his memoirs NOW!!!!!!!!! Of course, if he does any of this publically, he will be branded and crucified as a COMMUNIST MUSLIM ! Yet, maybe that's what he is! I JUST DON'T KNOW!!! This ambiguation is reeking havok on American political allegiances, and it has to STOP!

"DON'T PUT WATERMELONS UP MY ARMS!" ha ha - just heard on NPR - it is an Iranian saying, meaning, "Don't inflate my ego!"

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