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Food Never Goes Bad (But I Do) - Part ONE

This post was begun and abandoned Sunday, April 19. That was... 3 Sundays ago. The other food projects I have been planning on posting about have been: "Black & Blue" Nachos Dip; Lemon Chicken Stir-Fry; Wet & Dry Omelet secrets; More Relish; Guacamole Dip - mixed into previous dip, successfully; Imitation Mayonnaise, and maybe more. (Tuna Salad has already been posted). Ironically, my CFS is provoked by food: spices destroy my gut, and calories encourage the dementia.

However! Cooking is good, mild exercise for my body and mind. Every time I come far enough out of a relapse, I find that the best possible thing to do is to cook and wash dishes, cook and wash dishes. I don't think the quiet noise is making J stay away. I think she hates always smelling good smells wafting from my loft.

I will possibly add to this food series later. Since this post also talk about doctors - or my day...?... I might carry on that topic in those hypothetical posts as well. I have probably forgotten too much already, though.

I have had three cooking projects recently. (1) - Yesterday, I spent all day making my dog's wet dog food, (which had to spend all night cooling down, as usual). This also involved boiling up chicken yesterday, in preparation.

Making the chicken and then the dog food, might have explained the downstairs girl, (J-Girl), cooking this morning, which she rarely does. She has food-competed with me before, which were occasions also involving bangings, slammings, or such. Same was true this weekend, where the guy was here yesterday, slamming doors, esp. at 3:30am. Luckilly, J-Girl wet off to work today, as she did yesterday, so that tamed things down a bit. She left early both times, and returned in the early evening, which is not her usual bit.

BTW - I have been plagued by serious dementia disability lately - although this has been continuing for idk - months now, more or less. I have been pushing myself, and not really resigning myself to it, which makes it worse. I still drink a little caffeine each day, wine on the weekends, zesty chips, to many calories, exertion, etc. On the other hand, I have been sleeping as much as possible, which hasn't succeeded in recent early mornings, when someone possibly bangs to wake me up, but idk. I have also been taking my various supplements, including turmeric, coconut oil, selenium, magnesium, chromium - and meds.

I think a lot of peanuts, plus spicy chips and food, occasional asperin - these have hurt my insides, and whenever THAT happens, my brain becomes tragically ill or fatigued. Of course, stress never helps. I had two doctors appointments last Thursday - one with my main doc, who should be defrocked. She is the worst doctor I have ever experienced. She is an insult. I may write a post about her - as archetype - some time later. Whereas she wouldn't even consider prescribing medical marijuana, as it against her god or something; and whereas she didn't refer me to a cardiologist or etc., she actually did one good thing. She doubled my dose of finasteride. Maybe she merely has a devious inclination to see if she can make me grow breasts. God save her soul.

The other doc was an endocrinologist - and a sort-of disruptor, in his own way - who prescribed me some liothyronin, even though that was apparently against his god, or something. See - people are where the crap is. None of this is actually GOD's fault. It isn't that I'm an atheist - it's that I am forever having to negotiate and fight these real-world handicaps from people who are convinced they MUST go to heaven, or idk wut. Anyway - I am happy that my meds got a little more real - through the STRESS of these absurd-scenario visits.

Meanwhile, my dementia rose, and nobody cared, because there was no scale with which to judge it. Jeeze, the questions these professionals ask are so black-and-white simplistic, and juvenile in the delinquent sense. BTW - um, it is possible for someone who is NOT in a wheel-chair to also have a SEVERE illness or disability. (HA HA HA laughs the audience YOU MEAN BEING TIRED ALL THE TIME?)

How did I stray so far. I was trying to remember something and got lost... Then the hand of god reached out and smacked me in the ass. OK - back to foodage... WHAT WAS IN THIS SPECTACULAR WET DOG FOOD FOR, eh, DOG?!

- chicken stock
- rice - the primary ingredient (4 cups dry)
- some chicken for protein and fat
- some peas for protein (1/2 lb dry)
- two long hotdogs for protein ("cubed")
- some soybeans for protein (about 1 cup, fermented but later went ~bad)
- carrots - (4)
- broccoli chunks
- fresh spinach
- pumpkin (100% - 1 can or more)
- tomato paste - (small can)
- 1 can diced tomatoes (no sugar)
- sea salt

This morning, in an attempt to address my dementia/ fatigue in any way possible, I decided on making a large omelet, (mostly for the cholesterol). Got rid of some aging spinach, cilantro, green-onion tops; and also used tomatoes & mushrooms. This was a "Greek omelet", but in a Mexican direction, including tortilla cheese dip, jack cheese mix, and yet Parmesan - and black pepper, chili powder, galic, cardemom. (3 eggs). I normally don't eat that much cheese, especially when I seem to be dying of a heart attack in slow motion.

This morning's omelet does not qualify as a major food project.

(2) - Project #2 was later today. --------- stay tuned for more projects......

It is worth staying tuned just for the dip/s! Happy Cinco de Mayonnaise!
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