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I am the person who will destroy China.

wisdom hit me on the head

I had a(n) Eureka moment this morning:

In dreams, we have symbols and avatars representing agents from the real world - maybe from other people or times. Also, I have verified to myself that I myself do receive information in my dreams which is real and valid, but which is not only beyond the dream's chain of thought/ action, but which is sometimes even beyond my own personal knowledge. The info is introduced to me in the dream in the same sort of way that information is introduced when we read or converse - (or when we have psychic experiences).

I have concluded that dreams, and consciousness, do partly exist beyond the physical mind and body - even beyond local time & place. This is the amazing thing about consciousness.

Well - in experiences where one is AWAKE, and yet seems to encounter a ghost or a message from a departed person, we are also partaking of shared consciousness. For example: When those cops went to find the overturned car in the Utah lake, and heard a voice, clear as a bell, urging them to help, (even though the adult victim had been dead for a long while), this is an experience of the origami universe, where meaning comes to concentrated nodes, through the dynamic of universal, shared consciousness.

What was my revellation?

Both the dynamic of the dream, and the dynamic of psychic experiences in AWAKE life, ARE THE SAME THING!

Both of these affairs, inside the head, and in the real, actual world, ARE THE SAME DYNAMIC - origami, shared consciousness, working its cognitions through various alive receivers, including plants, or subatomic particles - across billions of light-years of space, or of time.

Of COURSE these two are the same thing. It seems obvious now. But the significance of this idea is profound. (If you don't get a sense of this, from reading this post, then I urge you to spend a little time with my tags, learning more about my, and others', cosmological or philosophical thoughts).

Note that I have always believed that it was possible for people or minds "in real life" to, e.g., think about someone, or such, causing that person to dream about them... And symbols or people seen in dreams very often do represent events or people or minds in nature, or in real life. AND ALSO, I have always believed it was possible for dreamers to influence these outside entities, or to influence or "predict" real event in the future, or to locate a murdered child's body in a forest, and so forth. So, I have always felt that there was a huge amount of interaction between the dream-mind, and the outside world of people and nature and experience.

But this is not the same as saying that both dynamics are exactly the same thing!
Tags: all * consciousness, all * entropism, consciousness/ nature of consciousness, physics - time (& space-time), psychic - dreams, psychic / psychic realm, universe - origami universe

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