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Know Your Rights – How to Respond When Police Tell You to Stop Filming - http://libertyblitzkrieg.com/2015/04/30/know-your-rights-how-to-respond-when-police-tell-you-to-stop-filming/

Michael Krieger is great! - http://libertyblitzkrieg.com/author/mkriegs/

Note: Rules and laws pertaining to cellphone filming do differ from state to state, (etc.). For example, depending on what property you are standing on, or if the police can feel free to decide that you are, "interfering," with their concentration, or such.

Also: I bet you never new that it is legal for you to give someone the bird. The Supreme Court has ruled that this action, like money, is free speech. So, when corporations destroy our civilisation with all their billions of sneaky campaign funds, we are perfectly withing our rights to flip them off, in return. Fair is fair. It is also OK to flip off police people, even though you will be illegally arrested, tazed or something not so fun. It is always a good idea to treat police in a friendly manner, like human beings, unless they are breaking your spine, or letting a dog eat your face, in which case your options are pretty much out the window. Going out the window is not so bad. Lots of fresh air and dead relatives floating around. You will be much happier there.

WARNING! - very graphic video(s) -


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