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Entropy is a hard thing to keep ahead of. We individuals spend all of our time and brains, thinking about what to do next, so that we don't catch on fire, fall off a cliff, or get eaten alive by bacteria or gossipping co-workers. Along comes this thing called civilisation, and suddenly it becomes possible to make things a little easier for us all, so long as we all agree to be sheep. Certain mores in society kept things going smoothly for a good while. Do unto others. MYOB. Good fences. These were based on religion, (which has been subverted by corporatist slogans and commands and proxy wars).

In its hay-day, our civilisation actually managed to make it seem like entropy didn't exist. There was (supposedly) no such thing as waste or pollution or farts or blacks or cancer or BDSM or lesbians. Everything balanced out, and it seemed like, if people wanted to, they could just give a wee kick, and they would be able to bounce off the ground and fly around like the Jetsons! Or like Superman - (relic of the NAZIs)!

We had overcome entropy, it seemed, by cloaking whatever entropy existed behind a war of rhetoric against communists and atheists and the devil and homosexuals, most of whom never even existed. But, we didn't have to spend much time on that. Most of society just floated along, bobble-heading, and laughing at an electrified box in the living room.

You see, there was a man in every family. Every wife was happy enough with that, considering that men were sorely missed during WWII. Legislation was giving money away to Veterans, for homes in the suburbs - away from all the rising entropy. Every man put in labour. And every man got paid just about an equal amount to keep him and his family alive and happy, and eager to fly like the Jetsons.

Every man believed in the American dream. Enough labour out, enough money in - balancing out, making it seem like ENTROPY DID NOT EXIST. Enough opportunities. Enough extra money to keep people sane and compliant - go to the movies, do a BBQ w/ beer sometimes, buy a nice big polluting car. Sing to the big car music on the big car radio.

But, these days, we have been obsessing more and more with those illusory supplements to sanity. Music? WAY music - like it is killer rap music now, or completely inane lyrics and production designed by corporations, propped up by mindless idols. Big car? They are still selling SUVs, and cars are STILL on gasoline - (it is better to look at the whole oil/ politics situation here). BBQ and beer? Need I say, this has become a national obsession, along with football and domestic violence?

Why is this happening? Even with two bread-winners, families are falling into lower classes! This happened because we stupidly voted in people - LIKE BILL CLINTON - LIKE GEORGE BUSH - who sent our jobs overseas and deregulated the banking industry. And masses of idiot people identify themselves with the personal spins put out by these people-machines, like Hillary Clinton, and KEEP RE-ELECTING THEM. They keep allowing the PATRIOT ACT, and etc., to be voted back in, because they are stupidly cajoled by the latest false-flag BS event in the corporate media, blamed on so-called terriblists!

AND - we have obsessed on the whole, "BURY ENTROPY," campaign - fighting terriblists, Russia, trannies, this group, that group, as dictated by the banks. The whole anti-communism fixation has developed into a massive juggernaut of DEATH and TAXES, even though commies are not a threat - now it is Muslims.

NOW - you work a job, and things don't balance out. Right? It doesn't matter who you are, (unless you are the upper echelons). You put labour in, you don't get enough money and opportunities back. INSTEAD, you get a lot of verbal rhetoric and imagery BS, telling you to consume violent movies and blame minorities and errrrgh. You get a lot of hollow, violent music. You get SSRIs. You get crap in your food, turning you into zombies. You get cellphones and FaceBook telling you to keep playing the simplistic STATUS QUO game! THIS IS CRAP, FOLKS. You are human beings - ACT LIKE IT!

Part of this poor-returns problem is that everyone's heads, men, women, children, gays, blacks, whites, etc., are full of status quo false promises, failed dreams, and inflated expectations. THIS means that everybody is, basically, over-inflated, ego-wise. HEADS GOT TOO BIG THINKING THEY COULD FLY. (Yet kept coming up against disguised entropy in personal life - punch punch punch). And THIS means that the inflated egos will one day convert into INFLATED PRICES. Why? Because it is all ENTROPY! Civilization is going to try to keep everything, and everyone, under CONTROL - including restive shooters, families, and mobs. TAXES! LOST CONFIDENCE! LOST CONTRACTS! LOST JOBS! LOST RESOURCES! LOST LABOUR. LOST OPPORTUNITIES. LOST CUSTOMERS!!!! It is ALL RELATED.

Entropy is coming back! You know what? We would not have Chipotle, etc., catering to consumer helth demands, if it were not for the fact that CHINA, tied into the global economy, is also in recession! This means that markets over there are failing, and so now corporations are back to try to appeal to USA markets, which they had hitherto abandoned!!!!!!!

But the whole globe s going into entropy. Fake money will not save us. Robots will not save us. We are probably already too far gone into the next global mass-extinction catastrophe. Silly humans. Fucktards. We think that the newest technology will save us, but it will only bring reprieve. It will only allow the 1% to go live on MARS. But - #1 - we need to do what we can to switch to decentralised, earth-friendly technologies! AND - #2 - I know I sound like a NWO liberal, but we have to reduce population somehow - ins ome decent, non-controlling, non-invasive way.

But our brains are rabidly addicted to expansion, which is tragic.

Even our economics are addicted to expansion... Let's see... even though I have a migraine... let's see if I can add this little topic....... BRB.........

So - I had this thought l'autra noire...

Let's say you want to escape the grasp of giant corporations running your life. You decide on a very progressive idea. What you want to do, is to try to ave money buying up farmland. Ya can't buy small farmland cheaply, in god areas. Farmland is priced to the advantage of giant corporations who buy giant parcels, and then go on to incorporate smaller farms. So, you hit on the idea of forming a corporation, under which smaller farmers may join cooperatively. Your BIG corporation goes on and buys large tracts of land, and then the smaller farmers lease from you, or some such deal.

I am telling you, already, there are barriers up, even against this.

So, lets say you succeed. You have a big corporation, which shelters hundred of small farmers, and their trade, apparently. Still, everyone is tied into the global economy, which is trying to sell you subsidized GMO corn (feed & seed) at a price which is undercutting competitors, certainly small farmers such as your own. You have all sorts of other things tied into money, which is making your small farmers finding it difficult to compete with - because of all the big CRAPERATIONS out there, with their CHEAP, competitive prices, undercutting! You have taxes, and fees, and regulations, in addition.

The truth is, no matter how hard you try, if you are still tied in to the status quo money economy, you will start off at a disadvantage, and will probably fail - unless you have some kind of foreign, "ENEMY," coming in somehow to help you.

What's the solution? It is sometimes against the law. But the solution looks like ya do this: Everyone in your farming cooperative creates a new money, i.e., a new currency!

OK. So. You want to divest from the global economy. You have a network of small farms, and families, and you create a new currency for them to use, and trade with. So, farmer/family #1 wants to trade corn with farmer/family #2, who would trade back milk. Bartering with the new currency, this is possible. That's really great. But even if you could keep everyone in your network producing things, building things, teaching, hospitalling, trading, buying and selling internally - which is pretty difficult, just ask the Amish - what happens when taxes are due? What happens when a judgement is made against one of your drivers? What happens if you need to pay corporate money and bring in some new supplier from outside?

What happens when you need to deal in the outside currency? Absolutely none of your internal barter-currency will be useful here. It will be as if you and your farmers and families have no wealth and no money AT ALL!!!

Where is your official money - your outside currency - to pay for this?! All of your internal industrial goodness doesn't count for SQUAT in this so called, "real world", (so full of garbage). All of the positive, healthy living done on your farms, so lauded by the U.N., is as if it never even existed!

Therefore, using an alternate currency, and other maneuvers, (above), will NOT save you from the overriding money, and political and economic systems, which are mindlessly addicted to expansion. You are trapped. There is no way out - not even by vote! People are not even THINKING about creating new national economies to be more conducive to local, families, health, non-entropy growth, and so on!!!!

I want to be someone who can find a new economy to build on, to transition on, away from this global trap, that is addicted to EXPANSION and entropic death - not just for the species - but for MOST SPECIES. But I am plagued by migraines and brain fog and zero support!!! No one understands the urgency. We walk blindly into not mere COLLAPSE - but planetary ecological DESTRUCTION - which we will probably hasten through global nuclear war.

- Seriously. I honestly think that the only POSSIBLE thing that could save us would be BENEFICENT ALIENS.

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