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the imponderables

Posted on 2015.05.02 at 08:09
When I went to that mobile home place, there was an older guy with a dog up on the deck, knocking on the office door. I had to make an effort to let the dog know I was present, so I guess it was an old dog. The guy knocked but no one answered.

He gave up, and I asked him if he lived here - and - "do you think anyone will show up if I sit here and wait?"

It was then that I noticed that he had a hole, the size of a penny, in his throat.

In order for him to respond, he had to stick a finger in the hole, and talk. He had a raspy monster voice.

I'm sorry, but this freaked my body out.

How can you just have a hole in your throat? Shouldn't there be a screen or something over that? What if a fly gets in there and starts walking around?! It wouldn't even be felt, once it got in. Freak me out!

As usual, I got along fine with him. And then someone came along and picked him up. It is good to have friends in this world.

I read a sign on the door of the office-trailer... "We will be closed April 30 and May 1." - WHY NOW?! I walked back to the laundromat, with my lungs full of car fumes, wondering if I ever really did move to the trailer-park, would I end up with a hole in my throat?

Later, I discoursed with a bus driver about the strange abundance of long limousines, and RVs, and so on, in town. Something weird was up. Was it merely the little baseball games, or was it something more. Why was the trailer park closed?

And a rare big jet flew over the town today.

Thank god for wine.

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