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I am the person who will destroy China.


Here is a comment I am posting to a dear LJ friend, prompted by this article...


Note - NOT eating can also be a healthy thing to do, as well!!! Fasting switches your body over to consuming KETONES, which evil microbes do not party on.


I think you are right, that all foods contain a little something that is bad. Especially fish, these days. But not all toxins in water, e.g., can build up significantly in plants. We are probably getting more toxins from the air than from water going through organic plants. And, another reason to go organic is because there is a FAR lesser chance that they might contain gut-destroying, cancerous GMOs, which are SATAN HIMSELF(!) Also, when you shop organics, you are fighting the big CRAPERATIONS who tend to be global, and do not care about Americans/ jobs, and are the ones pouring the additives into foods, etc.

If we can do our best to cut the toxins back, even if water contains some fluoride, etc., then our bodies (try to) do the rest. We can't escape every toxin in life, but it makes no sense NOT to cut them down! Abandoning oneself to them is rather like not caring about alcohol(!)

Thanks for this article. I was disappointed by it, though, (being an Aussie). Here are a few points...

First of all, please be aware that, even in Australia, big business has lots of extra money to throw around, and PAY people to write such things. I have seen it before, and I often recognise it when I see it. This article is not necessarilly one of these. But it is happening everywhere. There are trolls online PAID to argue against various people and causes, such as the organics movement. And, it s amazing how many people are gullible to their fallacious arguments. Why? Because many people just want to go along and get along, do the easy things, and not be bothered by thinking for themselves. This is what I call, "status quo," thinking, or mentality.

Whenever change is introduced, such as the organics movement, you can see the forces line up against it - often Republicans supporting big business - ESPECIALLY when that change begins to be felt as a true threat. For example, the solar industry was never really seen as a threat to the oil industry. But NOW it is, and there are a holy host of paid shills fighting it, not to mention global warming.


Iron is not only found in meat, but in spinach and other veggies. One reason why minerals are low in abundance in veggies is because most veggies are grown on mega-farms using petrochemical fertilizers, which deplete the soil of nutrients(!) Iron can also be supplemented - however, some forms of supplements, including many iron supplements, are incorrect for the body. This is an area which consumers must study. Buying cheap One-a-day will solve very little. In fact, the more UNNATURAL supplements you take, the sooner you might die. But, again, the shills use studies on this to argue that ALL supplements are bad.

Pure juices are bad not just because they lack fiber, (which can easilly be gotten elsewhere), but because they are so high in fructose or sugar. Sugar is actually one of the worst common toxins for the body!! So, eating whole fruit is much better. Vitamin C is natural in fruit. In common supplements, Vitamin C is usually Ascorbic Acid, which is not very bioavailable, and which kills good gut bacteria.

Oh - calcium. First of all, it is little known that the calcium in milk and cheese is largely not made available to the body, for some as-yet unknown reason. Women who drink a lot of milk tend to get osteoporosis more than women who do not. Calcium is widely available in other sources, beyond "enriched" soy milk. (But, in supplements, again, it can be in forms not so bio-available, such as coral calcium. Calcium citrate is one of the best. BTW - one supplement everyone should be taking is MAGNESIUM - magnesium citrate or malate are very good).

Anyway, milk is not so special as we have been lead to believe. Milk from cows contains giant molecules which our bodies weren't built for. Milk contains lactose, another sugar, to which many people are allergic. Milk contains a protein called casein, which resembles gluten, and can have very similar allergy or sensitivity problems. Then there is the fat. Then there may be the BGH hormones. Then there may be the GMOs from what the cows are fed! And so forth. Not only this, but producing milk or meat is super-wasteful of land and water and grain, and so is not economically wise. But Big Ag and Burger King keep us hooked.

It is crazy that milk and cheese from goats and from organically raised animals is so unavailable here. It is crazy that we do not have the same food and health standards as Europe, but just sheepishly allow all this crap to be shoved down our throats - when we are AMERICA, land of the free!!! Insane, what we have become! We, and Monsanto, et al, are trying to drag the rest of the world down with us!!! Yet, they are having social UPRISINGS in Argentina, etc., to throw this crap out of their countries!!!

I think you are actually a health nut who is so extreme that she has GIVEN UP.

Makes no sense to me.

I feel that if you would eat healthier, and avoid wheat, you would experience a wonderful decrease in your stress and other problems!!! I want you to feel better - and I think you can.

But your life is UP TO YOU and no one else.

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