I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

"she & Him", "Monsters and Men", and, "Beach House", (Zebra), all on World Cafe tonight.

Well, folks, I struggled and accomplished my day, despite this extremely bizarre and cruel illness. What do I find when I get home? Someone on LJ who never comments or posts DROPS me, just after I made a post mentioning dementia. This fucking society needs to grow up because it is almost over.

Stupid fucking fools. Relatives and all. This evening, some white guy comes walking along, after he had talked to the blacks next door, and he starts saying stuff about my dog, out of nowhere. And I am sick of it all and say, "WHAT?!" really forcefully, with biceps obvious to all. And he says some wimpy stuff about doggy doggy. But this guy is dressed up like a fucking CLOWN, and he is GOING NOWHERE, just like the rest of the country.

I'm telling you. I am getting all this input from various points, and it does not seem to be resolvable anywhere. Various genders and races and classes and ages - it just does not compute. Overload. Heat death approaching. Abandon ship. IT DOES NOT JIBE. There is no resolving this petty rancour, and it will keep bubbling forth into a world war, I am telling you.

Americans are fucked up.

Tonight, heard a SW bible prophesy show. Believe it or not, this show is worth listening to, half the time. The guy has had dreams which have been predictive. He interviews economists. I don't need any of the Christian Bible stuff, and I don't see why anyone else should. Other than that, this guy is often right on the mark. His prophesies are to be taken seriously. Tonight, he spoke of a four-star Air Force General who had warned him of things to come. Then, he connected that to something someone else had said to him at another time - passing on info from a 4-star AF general, who was investigated to be true. The general had warned that, this year, the dismantling of America would be attempted. I know incidents like Jade Helms and Baltimore seem like incidental occurrences in the news. But they have indications that they may be part of bigger plans. Then the General spoke of a plague beginning in 2015, becoming the reason for all traffic in and out of the country to be closed. Today, what did we hear in the news - a plague hits Colorado.

I keep seeing this stuff over and over again. Whereas the dollar has not yet crashed, the majority of what Alex Jones has said has turned out to be 100% verifiably true - and yet he is continued to be berated as a right-wing conspiracy theorist. The term, "Conspiracy theorist," was created by the CIA in the 1950/60's and given to the media, as a way to marginalize sincere groups and investigative journalists.

Anyway - I took the bus to the laundry. Washed laundry while I walked to the mobile home place, which was CLOSED, stupid town. Came back, put laundry in drier, went ot Goodwills, and then grocery store. Got back to laundry, discovered I had run the wrong drier, and so my clothes were all wet. Did I mention COGNITIVE pROBLEMS? So, I had to hang everything up inside my apt. to dry. Ride home was full of painful conversation.

Also talked to LL before going. Good chat. I did not complain about people downstairs, but they possibly heard me, right after they had been slamming and banging.

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