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eek /crazy - psycho duck

Death by Anti-Communism

Posted on 2015.04.28 at 08:40
This is a stand-alone post - a offshoot of the series I am writing. Why? Because its funny.

We should all be aware, by now, that, at the pinnacle of American wealth and glory, Anti-Communism ballooned into a cancer, which is now eating us all alive, in its newest incarnation, "Anti-ISISism". There is no better personification of this evil cancer, choking off our oxygen, than the perennial Dick Cheney, with his heart a vacuum, replaced by a machine.

One premier Anti-Communist in American decline history was a certain, Fred C. Koch, (also reminiscent of a phallic symbol, which is usually the case). Fred Koch was one of the main founders of the John Birch Society, which, along with the KOCH BROTHERS, and much of the CATO INSTITUTE, went on to steamroll over everything American. This was rationalised by the Calvinistical War on Communism, and was assisted by Sir Ayn Rand, the Dulles Brothers, the Bush Dynasty, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan Puppet, Donald Cheney and Dick Rumsfeld, Lyndsey McCain and John Graham, and all the little shills, pundits and banksters we have come to know and service today, while we fritter away trillion$ in the Ukraine, Iraq, Derivatives, and so on.

This certain Fred C. Koch - rabid Anti-Communist - was out-a-hunting one day, and shoots a duck. Bless his heart.

As his son described it: "The duck falls from the air. He turns to the loader and says, ‘Boy, that was a magnificent shot,’ and then keels over dead." - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fred_C._Koch

Last night, I saw a CL ad for a mobile home in Central Wisconsin, (Koch country, not far from Appleton, where the John Birch Society is now located). I looked at the pics, and saw that the home was next to vast agricultural fields, commonly laced with pesticides, and wondered if this would be the healthiest place for me to live. The woman selling the home wrote, "Sorry if some of the rooms look messy. My husband passed, and I am in the middle of packing..." I'm thinking, hmmm, maybe not such a good idea. How would life go for me, an ill, sensitive artiste, trying to write anti-anti-communist stuff, in this part of the country??

Then I went and looked up the town in Wikipedia. There are two notable facts about the town. Number one: It's main building and social center is the library - hmmmm - named after a guy named, "Dessert." But, number two.... The Mock Communist invasion...

On May 1, 1950, local residents acting as Communist invaders seized control of Mosinee.[7][8]

The action was a part of an elaborate pageant organized by the Wisconsin Department of the American Legion. The "Communists" dragged Mayor Ralph E. Kronenwetter and Police Chief Carl Gewiss out of their beds. Mayor Kronenwetter surrendered at 10:15 AM in the town's new "Red Square" with a pistol to his back. The police chief was reported to have resisted and was "liquidated".

Roadblocks were set up around Mosinee, the library was "purged", prices of goods were inflated for the duration of the coup, and local restaurants served Russian black bread and potato soup for lunch.[9]

As he arrived at a rally to restore democracy to the community the night of May 1 Mayor Kronenwetter suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and never regained consciousness. He died five days later on May 6, 1950 at age 49. The mayor's doctor said the excitement and exertion probably contributed to his collapse.

Franklin Baker, commander of the local American Legion post, said, "It was a terrible coincidence."[10]

Local minister Will La Brew Bennett, 72, who, during the Communist invasion, demonstrated to the media how he would hide his Bible in the church organ if the Communists really invaded and was herded with other residents into a barbed-wire ringed "concentration camp" near "Red Square", was found dead in his bed hours after the mayor's death on May 7, 1950.[11]

Footage from the "invasion" was used in the movie The Atomic Cafe.

- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mosinee,_Wisconsin

ha!!!! - ("I am in command !" - Alexander Haig)

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