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Posted on 2015.04.28 at 00:07
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The King of the Winged Monkeys tells Dorothy, "Once we were a free people, living happily in the great forest, flying from tree to tree, eating nuts and fruit and doing just as we pleased without calling anybody master. […] This was many years ago, long before Oz came out of the clouds to rule over this land."
- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_interpretations_of_The_Wonderful_Wizard_of_Oz

This series is about the Tyranny that religion can become.

There are several reasons why things that happen in History do not happen by mistake. Of course, History is written not only by the winners, with their agendas. But also, all history is retrospection - by a multitude of various backwards-looking interpreters and writers. In fact, there is no true history, other than interpretation. We ascribe meaning, addictively. Sometimes pathologically and ruthlessly. Indeed, just as subatomic reality is fundamentally altered by "observers", so is history, even in each moment it is birthed, in fact, and blood, and soil - and in political rhetoric - a product of gross observation(s). Each moment in reality is rife with ambiguity, forever, and we hardly even know our own hearts from one minute to the next. So - we all create meaningful INTERPRETATIONS - and this is not only a dynamic inherent to humans, but also inherent as observation to all entities existing.

So, as History unfolds, and is reflected, in an endless stream of echo-chambers, it is forever imbibed with MEANING(s). There is an endless competition to make claims of meaning upon History, as if it were some valuable tract of real estate. And this business is very much one of the great preoccupations of RELIGIONS in this world. From religion, then, arrives morality, value - and economy. When history settles down to the day-to-day, most of what we see is a nasty haggling over products and prices, with the ever-present but covert intervention of the money-changers, or banksters, which we are told are needed - to some degree - or interest rate. Anyway: History is bought and sold, right down to the here and now.

Beyond all the esoteric hogwash of the paragraph above, there are two important other reasons why things which happen in History do not happen by mistake. The first reason is that we live in an origami universe, where everything and moment in the universe is interconnected on very subtle yet "comprehensive" levels. We are, in fact, so cluttered up with an infinity of meaning(s), that we must - and the universe must - make sure that most of this is repressed, out of the awareness of our egos. Conversely, salient meanings, events, experiences, are brought to the fore. Our free will helps decides what shall be selected, (and so this is in accord with Christian belief). However, there is debate in the scientific-philosophical community whether free will does emerge from randomness, and such - but this is a debate that has been going on for millenia, in one form or another, as our species ironically searches for meaning.

The main point of number one is that, "meaning comes to us," as first nature. This is not entirely a subjective affair - it involves reality, as in strange cases of, "meta-coincidences," defying statistical probability; or as in cases of psychic experiences, and so on. But, even beyond this, the real world itself, enfolding us - our all - observed by us - observing us - actually structures itself so that meaningful events and experiences indeed get divied out.

Look at it this way: If the universe/self must select only a handful of events to be meaningful for Entity X, then it must select a somewhat related small number of events for Entity Y, to which Entity X is related. It can't pull up something profoundly meaningful for one entity, without that issuance being called up, to some degree, for a whole host of other entities which are in deep relationship with the first entity. So, pulling up a small number of meanings, (generalisations, abstractions, symbols, emotions, info...), for ONE can only occur if but a small number of somewhat related meanings are called up FOR EVERYONE. So, in some circle of close relationship, meaningfulness is very similar, and UNIVERSAL LAWS SEEM TO BE ABSOLUTE. Order. Divine mathematics. Good versus Evil.

But, on the other hand, things are always in flux, and these laws shift, especially between circles or locales. It is all a matter of perspective. During WWII, the Axis Powers came to share related meanings, in contrast to the Allied Powers, even though everyone involved was genetically related. Well - see - didn't economies become so strained that certain groups started emphasising GENETIC DIFFERENCES between groups? Consequently, different world views were pulled up for different groups or powers - at least, as registered in ego awareness. When we get all stressed, we tend to lose touch with the subtleties in our souls, and so get into fight-flight contests where we ultimately become exhausted of power.

The point is, even in group-versus-group, meaning rises up succinctly in one way or another, certainly in black-versus-white definitions. Meaning, shared in kind, is the only way of FINITISING our perspectives and our existences. It is a fundamental dynamic in nature, just as observation is said to alter subatomic reality.

When you think of it, everywhere around us, randomness is king, at the most minute and diffuse levels. It is NECESSARY for the EMERGENCE, (search this concept), of meaning or order to occur, if only to tidy up all the loose ends, the discordance, the dissonances. everything must be brought in line into one larger realm, and shared meaning is the only way this can be done - and it is done by the cooperation of consciousness across reality.

Whereas much of basic nature involves systems where no one entity is in CONTROL, there comes a point, dictated by the inter-dependent use of energy/resources - or by entropy - where some entities DO arise, in the emergence of order, to try to assert CONTROL, and this is what we humans are doomed to do, being the top predators on the food and resource chain. So, we construct meanings and religions which often - as when economies strain - fail to satisfy, and so we go to war.

We neglect to see that our wars are not only against ideas or men - they are largely against the whole of nature.

OK - I've been dwelling on this for a ridiculously long time here - but only because it is one of my most important concepts, which I never miss a chance to try to explain, in some new way. But, all I am trying to say is this:

Things in History do not happen by accident. They conspire by duress and need. They coalesce around meaningful dates and numbers and quirks. These dates and numbers and laws, which they are fashioned or fancied by ancient astronomers and geometrists and architects and FREEMASONS, are simultaneously constructed by reality itself. Therefore, it can be said that the will of occultists, like Masons, can involve a participation of "occult powers" in nature, depending on will, and belief, and what forces may be allied to defeat their claims. This is just a large-scale, conspiracy-sized version of the simple rule for individual: "What you believe will influence your life." Or: "Your reactions will make or break the day." Etc. So. Take this small-scale to the MASS level, and you get cults and religions, convinced that their meanings and ways are summoned by real powers in nature, and must be obeyed by everyone, kindred or slave.

I guess my two reasons, describing why History does not make mistakes, have rather merged into each other... Because, I believe reason #2 is that groups and conspiracies PLAN things to happen along symbolic dates and meanings and so forth, with an elite belief in occult ways, rituals, symbolism, etc. It is particularly interesting that these occultish conspiracies generally arise where economies strain, and greedy men must find ways to short-circuit declines, in order to appease their elite patrons, seeking ways to cheat, to lie, to put ends before means, to turn logic upside-down, and yet find rationalisations and justifications for doing so - through the adherence to some religion, or meaning-system, which more and more completely contradicts the meaning-system upon which the original economy had been built. ("Meaning" can also be "value"). Yet, these greedy corruptors and destroyers and war-mongers are turning a profit by BLEEDING not some new economy, but the status quo economy - hastening its decline. And so, well, they think themselves gods, yes?

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