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I am the person who will destroy China.

where's your head at?

Transgender teen gets South Carolina to change driver's license policy

South Carolina?!?!?!!!

He used to be a she, and she used to be a he. Now transgender teenage lovebirds are in love after they BOTH had gender reassignment surgery

"I came to the conclusion that it was entirely possible for people to feel they were of the wrong sex. I concluded this based on all I knew of the brain, as well as of psychology and reality. People who lose a limb still feel the limb, the hand, the fingers, are still there. It's almost 'crazy' how magical the brain, and reality, are. And so, with only some physical parameters, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. That is even more true in the imagination. That is what makes us great as a species. Unfortunately, people in society also take it upon themselves to define the limitations of others, and the abuse of transgendered people is as rampant today as was the hatred of witches in the 17th century. This only gets worse with the failing economy, and the rise of USA fascism." - mm101

Hey! This xmas, I got a card from a JUDGE. It made fun of Lady Gaga. It made fun of HOMELESS PEOPLE. It made fun of TRANSGENDERED PEOPLE. All in one card! It kinda makes you wonder why we are in the hands of fucktards like this. I mean. WHAT motivates them to get into these positions of so-called responsibility and honour, other than lifelong, petty childhood spite and hatred?! Why don't they bugger off? They're the ones with the problems!

Why Head Transplants Won't Happen Anytime Soon

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