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I am the person who will destroy China.

Earth Day

damn pope wtf?

Pope Francis to promote climate action as moral imperative: Encyclical will urge that saving the environment is saving humanity

As the world celebrates Earth Day on Wednesday, Pope Francis is planning to use one of the highest forms of papal expression — an encyclical — to promote climate action to save the planet as a moral and religious imperative.

GO HERE - http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2015/04/22/pope-francis-environment-encyclical-climate-change-moral/25870847/

THIS. Is what I have ALWAYS believed. For decades, I would look at fellow Catholics who acted like they knew not from wither I cameth and I just barfed right onto their heads. RETARDS one and all, especially because they were relatives, or all, bound, up, with relatives. Speaking of conspiracies. Ya know one good generator of conspiracies?

NARCISSISM. Hiding behind the name of GOD. BARF BARF BARF BARF.

So - of course - I support the Pope - but am on guard, because I know the world by now:

Just so long as the Pope is not an NWO puppet trying to get us all to eat dirt endlessly scraping, and calling it labour, in the service of goodness and honour, and all that crap, while the 1% taps our ass and turns it into gold. (Don't believe it? - They are actually mining poop now! {SEARCH} Once the dollar crashes, and gold shoots up, as does the price of everything else - they won't just be mining our poop while we are alive... REMEMBER HISTORY - it's a gas!).

- Important PS - I have observations suggesting that this pope is at least partly influenced by the fake western war against the fake western enemy called ISIS.

Maybe - (One thing which might have convinced The Holy Him: was when severed heads were mailed to the Vatican a few years ago, by the ilk of Rahm Emmanuel). - (See how I said, "Ilk"? Let's just say I know how not to be sued). (The heads were probably all Navy Seals but who's counting?)
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