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crazy /eek - colberto

Hillary Clinton

Posted on 2015.04.22 at 19:14
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I have a wealth of observations and analysis on this approaching race. Not enough time and/or sanity to cover all the topics I want to, on LJ. You may have gotten the idea that THIS post on Hillary http://madman101.livejournal.com/1662330.html was flat-out anti-Hillary. That is not true. I think one or two females dropped me over this post. I should have emphasized that, as I said, I feel Hillary may have been lying, even about Benghazi, because she may have been working to achieve a diplomatic deal with Iran, SECRETLY, against the onslaught of Cheney and the Republicans. She may even have been shot down in an airplane while attempting this. I DO NOT KNOW. I do know she has lied through her teeth - and that includes over her cellphones. However, she MAY have been using these bad means towards a good end. As we know, an Iran deal has finally come through. So - I would really prefer an end to this lying diplomacy, forced to go underground because of the real VAST right-wing and CORPORATE conspiracy. However, not enough people are aware of it yet - not enough to replace it with something more ethical. Nevertheless - I do not "vote" based on political strategising or rumours - I select the person I consider who is BEST - AND THINGS WOULD WORK OUT IF EVERYONE DID THIS!!!!!! so - I AM A START - WHICH IS THE ONLY WAY IT IS EVER GOING TO HAPPEN! In the end, yes, now, I am flat-out-against-Hillary. I think Elizabeth Warren has been shut up because she has received death threats. In fact, I am sure of it. It is more absurd to me that she might have NOT, than if she has. That is - it is more absurd to me that there may NOT be conspiracies than that there may be.

see also - http://madman101.livejournal.com/1677349.html

Rumours, pro-Hillary - Hillary Clinton Calls For 'Toppling' The 1 Percent - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/04/21/hillary-clinton-calls-for_0_n_7108026.html

Op-Ed - Hillary Clinton Calls For ‘Toppling’ the 1%…While Being Bankrolled by the 1% - http://theantimedia.org/hillary-clinton-calls-for-toppling-the-1-while-being-bankrolled-by-the-1/

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