I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

You can honor Earth Day by blessing the lint in your belly button and underneath your fingernails !

Happy Green Day!!!!!!

What are you doing to help the Earth? Did you brush your teeth? Did you donate your organs to biomass?

Seriously, I am all sorts of things, but I am mainly a poet, and an environmentalist. I think that I shall never see, a poem so lovely as people walking around with trees on their heads.

I am listening to some woman on the Jeff Santos show, giving a timeline on public environmental consciousness over the decades. Interesting.

Just an aside, many of the early enviro-hippies moved to California, where water is cheap. Or - it was. In California, there once was a democratic PROPOSITION to limit charges and fees on water - according to delivery costs - meaning to keep these costs down.

But the proposition never anticipated the sudden rise in the value and cost of WATER ITSELF due to the drought.

This is indicative of a myopic, reactionary tendency of democratic rule, especially when everyone is high or swimming in their navels.

So they loaded up their truck and they moved to Beverleeeee!

I have had some apple cider fermenting for some time.

Yesterday, I had a plan to get a few things done, despite the continuing CFS dementia, which is tragic. In addition to the dementia, I tried a few cups of apple cider before I left. When I left, I must have left in a hot air balloon or something, because I was not only buzzed, I was wacking out on something toxic and/or WOOD ALCOHOL or something, because it was terrible! I got to the pantry, to follow up on some sweet meat that B-Girl owed me.

It was an officially busy day there, with an auditor sniffing around. (Which is strange, because one would think that an AUDITOR would be using his AUDITORY sense, rather than his OLFACTORY sense).

I told B-Girl that I was jacked up on apple jack. I was in a mist, struggling to appear normal. Nevertheless, it seemed as if I somehow brightened up her day. I had a bag of Wild Harvest Spicy Blue Tortilla Chips, which I was taking to Pepe, to urge him to carry - so I broke it open and let B-Girl try one or two. She liked.

Then I went to Pepe's and gave the bag to his daughter. Then I went through Slavation Army to look for a newspaper and whatever, and briefly talked to a lady there. Then I went to the P.O., and mailed a package. Then I went on my walk to Walgreens. I decided to venture along some railroad tracks, figuring they would work out. They did, but I had to walk up a steep overpass incline. I was still bizarrely exasperated by the apple cider, and this was a bit of a challenge.

I got a few things at Walgreens, and waited for the bus, which was early, since some folks had called for it. I chatted with them. Then I chatted with the bus-driver. When he drove up to drop me home, he was shouting about all the kids today always wanting to shoot you and so forth. And this is not a good thing to be shouting where some off my asshole neighbours can hear this. One thing I decry about this town is that no matter how many homages are made to the other race, everything is black/white here. Everyone is a racist. When blacks hear some white bus driver shouting about the hood, and see me getting off the bus, they see this as an example of whites ganging up against them. Both sides project their own sins and fear onto the other, btw.

J-Girl's car was gone, so I figured it was fine to be normal-person volume, which I did. The evil apple cider just would not leave my system, and I was now trying to replace it with a little wine. I really didn't make much noise, especially after J-Girl got home. So - either the guy is still secretly living here, (annoyed at my normal afternoon noise), or J-Girl is mad because my normal 5:30am routine woke her up yesterday morning - because the stomp-walking and banging has increased all of the sudden. Never-mind that they themselves had initiated this behaviour on the weekend, for no reason other than they are maladjusted. Apparently, they are just looking for ANYthing from me now, to interpret as my retaliation for this. This is how ANIMALS act!

As it was with the Nethers, so it is with these walking knockers... I have been happy with my dog, while J was away, and I get punished for it, by some guy who isn't even supposed to be living here. And/or - one of them decides I am te reason they can't sleep at noon - cuz they eat crap and constantly fixate on the white guy and the fearsome dog - and so they begin retailiating at 2:am, at 4:45am, with bangs - AND FIRECRACKERS - just like the Nethers. See - animals: "YOU woke me up (at 1:pm, with a squeek) - and so justice says I will now wake YOU up at 4:45am with firecrackers and gunshots!"


"You pissed on my bush and now I obsess about that until I piss on YOUR bush!"

My dog is no better. But these people should know better that my dog is an ANIMAL - and humans do not compete with animals, blaming their owners. (Unless these humans are Republicans). That way lies madness and reversed evolution.

I am hearing clips of Obama in the Everglades, saying great things for Earth Day. Oddly, a lot of Californians, deprived of water, are moving to Florida, where the southern half will be sinking undersea, in coming decades, ironically. There will be coming: not only a food price inflation due to the California mega-drought, but also crashing home values in California - and then in Florida! - both because of the changing water on the globe, in dif directions. Anyway, Obama in Everglades is great, but he sounds like he has had a beer or two. Maybe he thinks he is vacationing in Ireland again.

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