I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

I wanted to spend some time w/ LJ today. It was better that I did some putzing instead. I have severe fatigue and also dementia lately, including today. My left ear is plugged from pressure. Maybe I've had a long-term brain tumour. I ca set up for a brain scan, but I heard CT scans are (?) 3000 more powerful than xrays. I once trusted these, not now. I don't like magnetic scans because they might alter my magnetitise. I've been screwed up enough in the past regarding orientation in the Earth's magnetic field. Now, that field itself is disoriented and that is screwing up everyone else. Blood tests came back - neurologist was testing for a few possibilities - serious diseases. All they showed was that I should cut my B6 back. I was suprised that my B12 was high - since I thought I might not have been absorbing B12 so well.

J-Girl downstairs was playing bugger-thy-neighbour all yesterday, despite me being ill and quiet. She was fixated and competing. Insane. Just like N-Girl, this apparently began when she saw my biceps a few days ago. Is this how all women are? Because it is fucking nuts. And this whole thing about women sexually wanting the strongest, tallest, most powerful make - all that simply reinforces MIGHT-MAKES-RIGHT and leads us into endless war.


At least my dog and I are getting along pretty well lately.

Made GF spaghetti, my major thing today. 2/3 of the pasta was corn-quinoa, and 1/3 was was brown rice. The rice pasta didn't clump, but did stick to the bottom. The corn-quinoa was better consistency, and did not stick to the bottom. It DID clump, but was fairly easy to break up, compared to wheat pasta. Brown rice, and QUINOA, are both very nutritious - but I don't know if that applies so much when they are just in the form of flour or pasta. It's like spinach noddles - virtually no vitamin A. Same with veggie chips - which I have decided are a complete waste of money.

Pasta carbs are not helping my dementia, and may leave me ill tomorrow. This would be bad because I am scheduled for two doctors appointments in the MORNING(!), then some other stuff after that. It will probably be a huge struggle. Stupidly, I will drink wine at the end of the day anyway.

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