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I am the person who will destroy China.

on the road

Sometimes, there is a fine line between what may be real and what may be a joke. - http://rockford.craigslist.org/roo/4967307623.html

WANTED 1 woman to live-in bus and share my bed (on the road)

available apr 17
room not private no private bath

Hello and thanks for viewing my post. I own a bus home that has a HUGE bed in the back full kitchen bathroom and living area. This offer is for a woman only as i'm a st8 white male late 30's slim build and huge D you will get to play with...YES I want sex. Looking for someone who wants to live a different lifestyle then the rat race 9-5 but has income in some way something not just food stamps. I don't welcome cats or dogs but a small child is fine. Drug use other then maybe weed is a deal breaker as is daily drinking,or making my life unenjoyable with bullshit drama.

Please send phone number WITH at least 1 face pic and I will CALL you I hate texting. I will answer all replies even if it's to say no thanks. E-mail gets checked 1 time a day so be patent.
P.S. I AM a cig smoker

The finer the line, the less people laugh. Unless they're stoned out of their minds, in a smokey cavern with an anonymous mob and buffalo wings.
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