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CFS and marijuana

I was trying to find out if Illinois allows medical marijuana for CFS. I still don't know. But here is a good article describing CFS. One good thing about this article is that it emphasises that stress is a major CFS trigger, and that stress-management should be an important therapy. It also notes that medical marijuana is used to help symptoms. One bad thing is that it singles out Epstein Barr virus somewhat, which is improper. EBV my only be a symptom. People w/ CMV, or other Herpes viruses, can have CFS which is just as valid as those w/ EBV. (Note: I need to study Herpes viruses - as I recently heard they are classified as "double-strand DNA" viruses, which is interesting to me).


Another good article, for the person who might have CFS: http://www.healthline.com/health/chronic-fatigue-syndrome

From the first article:

Cannabinoids Help Relieve CFS Symptoms

1. Relief from headaches
2. anti-depression
3. anti-inflammatory
4. heighten focus
5. muscle pain
6. support immune system
7. improve energy level

Best Strains: Sativa hybrid, Sativa x Indica, Sativa dominant hybrid.
East Coast Sour Diesel, Jack Herer, Sweet Blu
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