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So, one of the tornadoes hit a zoo - now we are going to talk about wolves, and Neandertals. we are to do that by first talking about the Maasai. I don't know if we talked about all the paranormal psychic stuff yet - ? Maybe I was supposed to cover something from Coast-to-Coast - it is, "Paranormal Weekend," presently. I normally eschew Coast-to-Coast when it talks about Ghosts and all, as there is not a whole lot of brainy conjuring and a-figuring that one can do with that subject matter. Emancipate yourself from mental slavery; none but ou-er selves can free our minds, ee.

Well... So, this NYC boss of mine, he thought he knew everything. He was very intrigued by new things, as one is supposed to do, if one is from NYC. BUT, it took a LOT of arduous wrangling and prostration to finally get him around to seeing that something NEW was actually what was on the plate in front of him. I hate people like that. They figure that, first and foremost, everyone must compete with each other like pathetic apocalyptic puppet people, whereby 20% of them will die off in the process, necessitating spending new money on hiring and training new idiots, and this is supposed to represent progress, even though there was never really an issue worth fighting over in the first and foremost place.

As long as the spectre of the Evil Darwin rises up from puffs of dust, then all is right with the world, and the so-called "one" is still in POWER. This is the Tao of the Banksters. Which is pretty much the class from which this little jerk pooped from. God bless his rot-in-hell soul.

Don't ya freaking love my freaking Irish, dudes? Come on! I can write like there's no tomorrow! Yo.

The best rappers can rap - but I can complain, dawg, with all of a silver foot in my mouth.

See - see how that last line is like music?

So, anyway...

Every time I said something he did not know, he shrivelled up into a dumb-befuddled ball, and there was this puncture of silence in his incessantly vocally commanded authority, and his wife had to step in and say something to assuage his ego, like he was a little boy, which he was. Thank god for the prevailing ethos of girlfriends-as-mothers, because what else is left? Girlfriends as saints and whores are the only two traffics that come to mind.

All psychopaths are children. And all children are animals.

He was planning on moving to Belize, one day. Since he was so short, I thought I would mention that people are shorter - the nearer one gets to the Equator. I was discrete about how I said this, of course. I wasn't insulting him, because I was almost in his same welter-weight class. I wanted to come right out and say, "If anyone down there gives you trouble, you can just push them over."

After his competitive shame had been sucked up, I was pressed upon to back up my thought, (a hypothesis at the time, which has since been proved by science, applying to most species).

"It is true. People closer to the equator tend to be shorter, and thinner, because they do not have to worry about conserving heat. Of course, you have lots of mix-ups of populations, but that's the general rule. The further north, into colder climes, the bigger and bulkier animals and people must be, to conserve heat." You see, it is a law of spacial mathematics - the large and fatter something is, the less RELATIVE surface area it has which is exposed to the cold.

To his credit, he asked about the Maasai. Their name suggests that they have mass, but instead, they are tall and lanky. But they live in the deep heat of Africa. I said that they were one of a handful of anomalous flukes. Compare them to the Pygmies, which perhaps go way even MORE BACKER into prehistory, maybe even back into Australopithecus genes.

Note: Don't think I am being racist here. Various people have various ancient genes. Many Europeans, (and, possibly, I believe, Australian Aborigines), maintains a little bit of Neandertal genes. (This actually impinges upon our upcoming conversation)... So, there was a man in Seychelles who was found to have Bonobo genes, Whhhut?! We are all somewhat like Chimps, and I find this deplorable. Far better the man in the wonderfully musical Seychelles, who has Bonobo genes instead!!!

Was he black, yes. Does that mean black people are closer to apes? Some are, most aren't. Skin colour is a transient attribute. Many whites are close to apes, as well. It frightens me that some people may have something resembling BABOON genes, because these people should be neutered. But most Europeans have Neandertal genes, and we all know what brutes Neandertals were once, wrongly, made out to be. We all are related to Chimps, so drop it. Plus, cockroaches have a great deal of our DNA - see next paragraph - and the greater mass of humanity acts like cockroaches - so I don't see the point of concerning ourselves about being this or that percentage related to animals, which was one of those NAZI obsessions.

Cockroaches: This is a great musing of mine. The fact that we hare so many genes with cockroaches gives rise to the idea that parasitic species can incorporate genes via EATING. This has recently been shown to be true in particular species, perturbingly, by science. And I am right again. HOW this happens, is the next step I am dwelling in. But, just as there is a kind of reflective reverb going on in mRNA and DNA, the same goes on as ushered in via the immune system. Reverb.

NOW - back to the Maasai... I have to take my shirt off. It is getting too hot in here. Soon, the cockroaches will smell my body ash, and invade, and I will have to flee this back bedroom, and seal it all away for the rest of the year.

"I am the light of god"... (Coast-to-Coast is saying...)...

Why do we have such diversity in Africa, between, e.g., the Maasai and the Pygmies? For one thing, there is more genetic diversity within Africa than within any other continent. That is a fact which is entirely lost on racists in America, both black and white!

Another thing is that there is topological, and micro-climate diversity in Africa. For millions of years, specific groups of primates have been prevented from moving into new land, by vast rivers, (and other features). Some primates developed in valleys, and other primates developed in cooler mountaintops, or in deserts. We all know about those Kenyan Olympic winners coming from Kenya, with its demanding terrain, and its demanding CORRELATED male ethos of enduring pain(!)

There is a particular body type, across species, for organisms in desert environments, which tend towards being thin and, sometimes, tall. Since the Sahara only became desert within the last 10,000 or 20,000 years, then the Maasai body type is probably a relatively recent development. But what was one of the things which allowed the Maasai to make this progressive biological leap???


More later.... (Should actually sleep, despite this ephemeral recovery).


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