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* - galaxy

"What? You are racist against negative ions?!"

Posted on 2015.04.09 at 19:22
As "predicted", 2-3 large tonadoes are headed towards or near Yee Olde City and surrounding towns. On the ground. One was in a peripheral town, headed towards the town where I was thinking of getting a mobile home. Now the weather service is saying, "Mobile homes will be damaged or destroyed." Another one is headed up the same route. If my dream was 100% exact, then a 4th smaller tornado will be reported.

"And complete destruction is possible..."

I don't want harm unto anyone. (Most of the time).

I'm not sure that one of these tornadoes will rip through near the centre of Yee Olde City - and so I think this calamity is still to happen one day fairly soon.

The ultimate origamic drama will happen when a tornado, one day, rips through the center of Chicago, in an accidental yet prescient condemnation of the Chicago School, Rahm-bama Corporatism, Chase Banks, and all that stuff that has been destroying the planet. Milton Friedman. Ronald Reagan. Cheap Trick.

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