I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

fingers in the wind

A few, or so, days ago, I dreamt of a tornado, .... which became two pairs of tornadoes. They were dangerous. I didn't now why I had dreamt this. No weather indications at all. Now we are due for tornadoes.

Tornado Alert in Central US: The Science of Severe Storms - http://www.livescience.com/50431-storms-tornadoes-forecast-midwest.html

Back to the dream - it might have had to do with the neighbourhood, which became all pumped up with idiotic mass hubris on Easter, and then two people were shot on this street yesterday. It could have predicted that, but I feel it has more to do with the actual weather.

The strife around here - including my illness - and my dog's weirdness - always precede precipitation. The crazier the neighbourhood gets, the bigger the oncoming storm. It is a direct correlation. Seriously. Factor in the fool moon and the Evening News, and there you go.

I feel I had a different dream, related to the rat bastard downstairs. It was a snake. I have dreamt of this snake before, and it was associated with the same guy/ situation. It's like a sign that this guy's EVIL is trying to draw me into it. The first time I dreamt of the snake, it was a bit of a battle, crushing its head away from my bed.

But this snake could also be the symbolic spirit of a garter snake I had inadvertently poisoned with insecticide, when I was younger. I was trying to spray the lice in the snakes' terrarium. That's called being an idiot. And now I am poisoned for life, by the same cause.

In the past, I have had night terrors, i.e., sleep paralysis, where I would wake up and the thing which was holding ME down was a white rabbit on my chest. I fancy that this was the symbolic spirit of a white rabbit I had inadvertently killed by leaving it in a hot garage, and then bringing it out into the sun, which was the last straw.

The universe is origami, and these are the images of what COULD be.

All of life is imagination.

Tell that to the tornado.

Oh - I saw a fairly nice mobile home offered back around Yee Olde City - in an area once devastated by a tornado, btw. I called about it today. The home was for sale for a few thousand dollars. But I found out that the park's monthly rent was $450 a month, which is too high, so I dropped it.

I moved away from Yee Olde City, feeling that, in a few years, a tornado would rip through some of its center. I got this feeling because a funnel cloud once went over the place where I was living, and then touched down a mile or few away, and did some damage. Patterns. It will be back one day.

Did I drop the mobile home for a more origami reason, as well? Did I dream of tornadoes, not here, but in Yee Olde City. Nothing is impossible - the trend tends towards the probable, as time moves on. We shall see. One day, we shall see.

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