I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

BeeGirl saved my day!

A very bad day, but not so much caused by neighbourly torment from below, this time. (Regarding the latter, there has been a lot of it in the last day, which I will discuss below). Despite the bad day, I pushed myself to keep to the plan, and I walked to the pantry. BeeGirl was there. So, here we go...

I really liked BeeGirl as soon as I met her, back in December. One of the first things I said to her was, "Wow. You're cute!" - She is cute, but I was actually talking about her personality. She really liked me, from day one, for some reason, and it showed. After meeting her, I spent some time thinking about if we should get together, and decided no. And, yet, I asked her out to coffee anyway.

"You probably have a boyfriend, though..."

In fact, she told me she had a husband. So, that is why we never got together. I was very graceful, and told her, "If you ever - stupidly - mention me to you husband, tell him I said he is a very lucky man." So cheesy and bold, but she liked it. Even after that, I came in next time and simply said, "Hi, beautiful!"

Today, she was happy to see me. I explained that I was a little off kilter, due to my illness. She had to sign me in, "So I need to see your ID, even though I already KNOW you. You're Madman!" She said it like she really has a place for my name in her heart.

I said, "Yes, I am. A lot of people don't know that."

"Well, then, I'm Lucky!" she said.

And I laughed and said, "But I'm luckier, because I am Madman."

I sad this with some irony, sadness and a smile.

Soon, I said, "You guys are associated with the gardening folks, right?" She said they were, but she didn't have a clue about what they do, since she is, "The Office Girl!" - she said it with a minute tincture of kinkiness implied. "You're the Inside Girl!" I pulled out my big newspaper clipping about a gardening project in another county. She went to make a photocopy.

While she was at the photocopier, I noticed that she had a behind. Just then, she reached down and yanked up her pants over her gallumtuous butt, which was a gram or two larger than when I saw it last. This action sort of showed off the physical properties of this region of the country, in better 3D. Then, she pulled down the crumpled back of her shirt over much of the display. I think she was putting on a little show, there. Which was heart-warming.

This was not my most notable experience of a girl at a photocopy machine. The most notable experience was when I left Madison, and two girls I had "flirted" with there, and moved to Philly. I went into a photocopy place there, on my college side of town, and there were the two girls - OF ALL PEOPLE - at a photocopier - laughing. Can you believe it? What were the chances these Madison friends would suddenly be in the same Photocopying place in West Philly?!?!

They were pulling up their shirts and photocopying their breasts.

Anyway - back to BeeGirl...

While I was gathering my fungibles - (asking the old ladies not to give me anything with sugar or wheat, which was more than HALF of everything there) - BeeGirl walked in, and looked at me through the aisles - while I was not looking. Cute. When I was done, I went and packed my food into my bags, then waved to BeeGirl while she was saying something to some other guy. I needed her to wait so I could ask her something. She lit up and gave me a crazy little wave as well. We are so in synch.

I told her that I had joked to one of the ladies, "Can I take a rain check on the meat?" - And was told, "Go ask BeeGirl." So, I asked her, and she didn't think so. Then I said, "What if I come by some time and just casually ask for some meat." And she said, "I'll be here, and I know you, so it should be OK. You're Madman!"

We had a nice little talk on either side of a half-door. She was so pleasant. Somehow, I learnt that she had moved here from California. I said, "THAT'S why I picked up on you! You're so unlike the people here." She said she had originally come from Virginia. "This explains my Southern Hospitality!" "Yes," I said, secretly forgiving her for "leading me on" weeks earlier, with the little sexy little Southern Hospitality dance she did for me back then.

I asked why she has hop-scotched across the country. It is because her husband was in the military. Not only does she have a husband - he was in the military. Strange - why does she like ME so much? She hasn't even seen my biceps yet. No, but seriously, this is a really nice person. Even if I don't get to date her, it really is a lifesaver for someone in this pathetic wasteland of a garbage heap to actually show me some kindness, respect and interest.

I walked home, laddened with heavy cans. The other big thing I did today, was to seed my dog-damaged lawn again. I will write about the latest torment from below later, I s'pose.
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