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b hat

famous glasses as immortalised in icon

Posted on 2015.04.04 at 19:50
Haven't gotten up the gumption to write any theme post nonsense today. Basically just puttered around intellectually in a fog. There is no one downstairs this weekend, la. So, I'm relaxing. However, I discovered that I have lost my BEST pair of glasses! Spent a lot of time looking around. Nowhere to be seen. I might have left them outside the store while waiting for the bus. This is tragic. I doubt that I will be able to recover them AGAIN - after having lost them once before, then went back and found them. That was lucky enough. The Irish aren't really lucky so much as drunk enough to think they are.

Some girl came to my door announcing that she needed to see my utility bills, for this an that official reason. There was some dude waiting in the background. It was a scam. She kept saying, "It's my job to verify! It's my job to verify!" Ha ha. They either wanted to steal the personal info, or else to rush into my apartment while I was getting the bills. No Dice, Andrew. Wavy girl said this happens every year.

If someone is all dressed up with a clipboard and a plasticised name-tag and says such things - on a SATURDAY, on a holiday, um, no, that's a scam.

I may be going to sleep soon.

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