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the HUBRIS BUBBLE - part 1

OK, let's see if we can do this.

I have written many times - always inadequately - trying to show that (poorly regulated) capitalism inevitably leads to corruption, conspiracies and collapse. This is an outcome of entropy, (or chaos), emerging in the system. Originally, the system developed to overcome entropy, to some degree, for the good or wealth of people, and then of elites.

However, as capitalism constantly reduces every exchange, product and, eventually, person, to the most efficient TOOL relative to the OPERATING businesses, rather than to the COMMONS or to INFRASTRUCTURE, then MONOPOLISATION becomes inevitable. (Any initial empowerment of the people SHALL transform into a corporate and/or state exploitation of the people).

We tend to see ourselves, our thoughts and our affairs as being APART from material nature. Unfortunately, this is quiet untrue - it is an outgrowth of our individual existential bias, (see tags), and then of our mobbish ideations, (or absolutes and absolutions and abstractions - see also "gossip" and such), promulgated throughout our primate SOCIETY. It is largely a mass self-delusion.

We are intimately connected with, not only all life on Earth, but also to the MATERIAL world. Sadly, the basic, primative fact that we are subservient to FORCE in the material world, has convinced a horde of psychopaths and their mindless minions to wield philosophies and stragedies of MACHIAVELLIANISM, and REALPOLITIK, and GREED.

But our interrelationship to the material world is much more sublime than that. (We don't SEE it because our heads are more and more full of abstractions, and false promises, myths, and, ultimately, selfish, GREEDY survivalism - becoming the very vice we wish to ignore). But, yes, we are more intricately in relationship with the material world, being wholly influenced by it, as when the sun or the weather dictate our moods and then our actions and then our stomachs and then our wars.

We are related to the material world discretely, yet globally, (as in, "on all fronts", inside and out). We do not cognize much that mercury or SSRIs in our bloodstream may be severely influencing the, "choices," we make. We don't not fathom that our contrarian habits may be attributable to some chronic allergy reacting to some insidious, undiscovered pathogen in our brains.

We do not feel the tides of electrical waves or Earth pressures washing over us every day - not to mention solar flares and magnetic storms - and do not calculate this into our daily reasonings, even though they hold critical sway. Birth order. planetary cycles. Epi-genetics. We do not see that our free will is intricately bound up with all this outside, and inside, noise, or chaos.

Yet, we do drugs and drink alcohol, and make some kind of social allowance for these obvious manipulators. We obviously take SSRIs for depression - but do not feel that SSRIs could be doing anything else - more nefarious - in our systems. Why do we do this?

We defer to AUTHORITY. We defer to the official word. The so-called science purported by the MONOPOLIES. We defer to the HOLDERS OF OUR ABSTRACTIONS. We started out thinking that these would help society, but eventually must see that they have become false promises benefitting only a handful of people, controlling the monopolies, and/or the governments.

Even more discretely, we are related to the material world PSYCHICALLY. Something we will possibly always refuse to see is that material things also hold consciousness. It is not the same ANIMAL, directional, manipulative consciousness which we revel in. Indeed, this human consciousness is only the tip of the iceberg we see - there is a virtual infinity of consciousness hiding below us, which we can seldom even guess at, existing in our body parts, in our cells, in our proteins, and so forth, way down into so-called random chaos.

But our psychic connection to the physical world, which extends "instantaneously" to all points, and every atom, in the universe, is not really germane to this more political post - (or series of posts, idk). The only way it is germane is this: We hold within us a fathoming of TRUTH which extends beyond any corruptions of capitalism or of tyrants, and it is grounded in out infinite connection to nature, which we may not always be able to express, but which we can only guess at, and compose long writs upon, those rights we decided were inalienable.

It took us thousands of years to do so - though it has been done in our past on many local occasions. THIS is where FREE WILL is AT, baby.

Why do I swerve off into a discussion of how the material, or physical, world, so discretely and vastly influences us?

1 - Just as we do not see the weather dictating our moods and actions, we do not see the crap that corporations are spitting into the environment at us, at our additional taxpayer expense. Like bees and Monarch butterflies dropping en masse from GMO bt pesticides, we all fall down around the boots of Monsanto, and all the other corporatist monopolies, manipulating our government.

2 - The main thing is this: We do not see the gross crap that is being dumped on us, and upon our rightful COMMONS, by the rising conspiracy of flagrantly "violish" corporations. We do not see the conspiracies of corruption and collusion, greasing the wheels for this to proceed. But GREED will always be attracted to such opportunities, especially in a collapsing economic system, and greed will conspire - it is older than the Old Testament. We experience a collapse of the mechanisms of capitalism, due to entropy in the system, and we deal with it entirely immaterally - as isolated cases of personal greed - even when these instances are fully involved in CONSPIRACIES. As we more and more deny the discrete influences of our erratic social trends, we as well deny the connections not just in the real exists, exploiting us, but in the realities which exist, commanding the overall decline.

Since I am overwhelmed by winegraine - I need to follow up ad make this a series later. Believe me, it will touch back down to Earth in politics, and such.

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