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bloody hell

the thought plickens

Posted on 2015.03.31 at 20:58
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Today was yet another severe illness day, in its own special way. Finally, blood/oxygen/hydration is reaching the core of my brain - amygdala, hypothalamus, pineal gland, I guess. I still need to sleep much more, as the recover moves ahead.

This major relapse was mainly caused by Thursday's long trek, but also other things - possibly including peanuts! I don't want to give up nuts! I made a stir-fry w/ fried rice - yesterday, I think. I had so much food he didn't know what to do!

While I was on that long trek, after I entered the for-rent house alone, (upstairs to the apartment), I looked down across the giant back yard, and saw an active black dog with pointy upright ears and a curled tail. He/she was running around inside a fence. Very similar to my dog. I wanted my dog to meet this dog, and play. And play. Alas, I decided against moving to the house. For now.

But, while I went out with my dog today, (7:pm), three kids came by, walking what appeared to be that very same dog, despite it living many blocks from here. It was slightly taller, thinner and looked somewhat like a horse, whereas my dog has been said to look like a bear, (which is what Akitas were raised to hunt, back in Olde Japane).

My dog went kookoo, while the plllice man sitting in the patrol car oversaw it all, and it was good.

He was sitting there because there had been gnnshtts or fiercrakers out my back window at around 1:30pm. I believe the person responsible may be associated with J-Girl. Why? Get this: Apparently, some male is sneaking in down there, every night. I'm sure it is not a boyfriend. It is probably the boyfriend of the MAIN girl who recently moved away - OR - there is a chance that it is......


Seriously. I hope to do a full post on all this soon. G'Night.

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