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cheers - sunshine rainbow

late breaking

Posted on 2015.03.29 at 21:45
Musique actuelle: my beloved, "Waterloo Sunset", by the Kinks, WORLD CAFE... There was a very lush pink, fast-rolling Waterloo Sunset THIS evening! la!
I have been so ill lately. Then, at noon, I had an conversation outside, which pretty much buried my day. Sorry for the delay on LJ. My mind really has been out of service.

Let me explain the situation. I have been living here for 3 years. When I first moved in, the people downstairs banged on the walls, slammed doors, did silly passive aggressive stuff outside, (as extreme as gnnnshts), and pumped their gigantic stereo system, in a house with hollow 1887 walls, like a drum - but peace did not come. After 3 years of hell, for my stress-triggered illness, dementia and heart, I finally managed to get them caught in their own web, and they had to move out.

THEN, new neighours moved in. They seemed promising, but began duplicating the same things that the previous tenants had done - exactly. This eventually lead me to conclude that they have been in touch with the previous tenants, which is actually consistent with the previous renter-girl's, ("N-Girls'"), personality: absolutist, vengeful, psychopath - (see tags).

The good thing was that the NEW people had no stereo, and no dog. But they began slamming and banging in response to my low radio, and my quiet dog, and the squeeking floorboards, and me in the bathtub, and so on. The new girl was the renter who held the lease - but she had a boyfriend living downstairs, along with a little large female friend - both in violation of the lease. (The PREVIOUS girl had pulled the same stunt, by having her boyfriend, and more than one dog, living down there!)

But, I noticed that these people were less stupid than the last ones. They could be influenced. They were not absolutist - they were not crazies. They were just convinced that I was evil, as described by the previous tenants to them.

I have been looking for a new place. Meanwhile, tensions heightened. Retaliations were necessary. Stupid war crap that I write about and OPPOSE. I talked to the LL, who then told me that the little large girl was now renting the place - and the MAIN girl was supposed to have moved out a month ago. That's big news!! But, there I had been recording how the little large girl was living there illegally, night-after-night, when the one who was now living there night-after-night was the MAIN girl, no longer on the lease.

Nevertheless, after a series of LOUD cherry bommms had been set off a day or two before, I gave my LL a tally of whom was staying over night, and so forth, for the past two weeks. (My handwritten notes go back even farther). (This was on Thursday, before my longgg TREK, which is what made me so sick now). I left a phone message to the LL, and then walked to the LL's dropbox, and dropped it in, along with a letter, urging immediate action!

But, ya know, they can hear through the walls and stairs. Had they heard my call, which was not muffled at all? Because... as I walked, I kept seeing two cars which looked like THEIR two cars! And then...

On Saturday morning, there was a lot of noise downstairs. Then, a U-Haul moved up from the back*, and the MAIN girl finally moved out! That means her boyfriend also moved out! And it also means less, "loudly-mock-the-white-guy", parties downstairs!

The only person remaining is the little large girl! All alone! (She will henceforth be referred to as J-Girl, since her name begins with a 'J'). And you know, it gets better...

I took my dog out at noon, today, as usual. And, there was no more MAIN girl around to try to mess with my mind. This time, J-Girl came out, and we began TALKING. She said that the main girl had gone home, all the way back to the U-of-I area, to take care of her mother. I believed this, but it starte sounding suspicious, when J-Girl said she had never enquired what this meant, "taking care of her mother." That's a little improbable - best buddies living together, one moves out, and never really explains??? I am thinking, instead, that the MAIN girl moved because she had been defeated - not finding a job, mainly, but also not enjoying her life living in this crap neighbourhood, downstairs from madman, when she had been under the impression that everyone owed her a favour.

J-Girl said she only knows two people here, since she is from Louisiana. It almost seemed like she wanted me to go to WalMart with her. What I truly, lustfully desired was to stop talking and go back to bed ASAP. Well - what I had been dreading was that the MAIN girl and her bf would still be in town, and they would all come over at various times, and continue to harrass me. That's not going to happen.

And, J-Girl is kinda like a sore thumb out of water, up a creek without a leg to stand on, pretty much alone, like me. She won't be getting a dog, because she works so much, and makes good money, which is why she was able to get so many rides from people when her car was broken.

She works all the time (yay), but weird hours (eeg). And she may return to walking loudly, then stomping, and slamming drawers, etc., but I do not know. I don't want her to start liking me, or just even to do things with me, because then, if I spurn her, she may increase the passive aggression. Who knows. I am getting along alright without going to lunch or movies or getting rides from people. But I have been soooooooooo ill - I am hoping that I can finally have some times to "relax" because I'm going to fall over backwards if I don't.

Need to: go get labwork taken; then go to doctor; and also take dog to vet ASAP - a LONG difficult walk, and go to supermarket - and maybe go to pantry and carry bags of canned food home! - all in the next few weeks... This all will work against my health! Also, I need to call LL first thing in the morning, so that she does not call J-Girl!

I CANNOT STAND LISTENING TO THIS SONG ON WORLD CAFE, "... something something, 'go down tooo'...." - "Lake Street Dive" (live)"..... The singer is painfully off-pitch!!!!!!!! Apparently no one is catching this.

Surprisingly impressive song by BOB DYLAN! - Sounds like, "I Knew There Was Nothing to It," - very George Harrison, with a familiar modern guitarist.

Yesterday, a van stopped at the light while I was out with my dog, and it suddenly blasted music - but Beatles! "She was a Daaay-Trippah!" I smiled and the hippie man inside waved at me.

After the talk w/ J-Girl, I went to bed and a Clannad song was playing - one important to my soul. Or maybe it was Enya - brain has forgotten song.

My heart is painful so must try to sleep, it's the least I can do. Bye.

* - I was the one who told them about this back "alley" when they were first moving in, and they then responded to me somewhat crabbily, and now they use it to leave.


Evil Tracey
eviltracey at 2015-03-30 04:34 (UTC) (Lien)
Why do you not believe that Main Girl left to take care of her mother? Icky Neighbour's daughter (LB) takes care of her, and she has been doing so since she was in her teens. I occasionally feel sorry for LB - she didn't seem to have much of an adolescence, and she now doesn't have much of an adulthood. (But then I realize that she's as big a sneak as her mother.)

Perhaps J-Girl has never met M-Girl's mother.
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2015-03-30 22:11 (UTC) (Lien)
It's not that. I believe in helping mothers. I even told a girl "friend" that I felt that moving away from parents seemed very unnatural, in a way. A while later, I learnt that she moved across the country to be with her mother.

J Girl and the Main girl were very close, not just neighbours. They both came here together. They probably met in college. So, when I enquired of J Girl 1- Generally, what was the prob with the mother; 2 - Was it big trouble? (She said, "No.") and 3 - Was it to help the mother financially, she simply didn't give a clear answer, except, "I don't know, I didn't ask about her mother."

They lived together! And when the Main girl was planning to leave, J Girl said she became all worried about how she could get along here without her. So, in that heated situation, it is pretty weird that J Girl never asked WHY it was so important for Main girl to leave.

It's great if the Main girl goes and helps her mother. I was just saying that it sounded like a fabricated response. J Girl was giving me other clearly contrived statements elsewhere in our convo.

Very sad about LB - and also sad in a funny way.
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