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every body wants to ruin the world

Posted on 2015.03.27 at 19:39
I am always concerned and pondering and writing about how painfully absurd the world is. Right? You know it's true. I am constantly writing about the insanity of war - e.g. - so-called ISIS in Syria. Yes?

I spend so much time on this, because I know it is bald-faced wrong. Because I know that people are being hurt. Because it is wasteful and ruinous of economies. I know it is helpful to bastards who want to control the planet. And so on. My heart is in the right place. In a safe-deposit box in the Cook Islands.

This evening, there was a report on PRI/ BBC's, "THE WORLD", about jailed people in the Syrian war. ( http://www.theworld.org/ ).

It switched to a quick audio of (former) convicts, singing a song, dear to my heart: IT'S A MAD WORLD - by TEARS FOR FEARS, (album, same name - http://songmeanings.com/albums/view/tracks/24931/ ). Their voices were meek and foreign, and racked by pain and defeat. This brought it home to me.

The real me, the feelings, the wishes, the sadness, the dreams, the humanity here and now - this is so often put on hold by thinking and writing - AND BY CFS! Not to mention the wine. I am struggling to research and post about topics of injustice, and here are these sad little men singing a song, way over in Syria, that my SELF relates to and feels.




The World.


This song and album was really introduced to me by an LJ friend, in my own city. (I was already appreciative of other Tears for Fears). We once went to a movie together. Now she is gone because it's a mad world.


midnight21 at 2015-03-28 04:42 (UTC) (Lien)
i can understand why. five years ago or so I dreamt that world war 3 will happen out of syria and lybia and these masked men now known to me as isis is going to be behind it, especially when they end our president's life. I even wrote about this in LJ a long time ago... love him or hate him it will cause a huge uproar in our nation which will force us to fight back and the situation will get very ugly...

Edited at 2015-03-28 04:46 (UTC)
st_martin_a at 2015-03-28 15:03 (UTC) (Lien)
Great band. I just downloaded a more recent album of theirs the other day.
What's happening in the middle east at the moment is crazy.
If you're interested in the end times stuff (I'm a little cynical about how close they might be) a friend a of mine reckons that the States aren't involved according to the bible...
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