I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

I'm looking for a nut-headed woman nut-headed woman.

I have had some terrible days lately, including some dementia. For the latter, I have been doing turmeric & coconut oil, as usual - and then chromium, selenium, B-vites, etc. So hard to pull out of this. Starts with a loud noise, shock-to-the-heart. I have had bad heart pain for weeks and months. But - I am switching back to eggs, as my first meal, because the brain needs cholesterol. (And other important nutrients in eggs). I must stop eating so many chips, and fried foods! I need to start poaching eggs somehow. I also need to invent a way to make a poached omelet.

Despite my bad days, I summoned my spirit to draw out a tally of days - when Neo-Nether girl has been here, even though she is no longer on the lease. And so forth. For the last two weeks only, as tediously gleamed from my copious notes. I come from a family of lawyers, and became aware that I had to record EVERYTHING I knew about what was going on downstairs. My LL asked for these notes, but I decided to draw out the summary tally for her first - otherwise the notes may be misunderstood - plus I need to photocopy the notes first. A family of lawyers.

After this was done, I hand-wrote a letter to my LL. I was finished at 3:pm, still hurting a lot from CFS. After resting, and getting ready, I left a message to her that I would soon be dropping the tally and the letter into her drop-box, and hoped for quick action. Near 4:pm, I left with garbage to drop, as is my habit in these areas. First, I stopped by the Pantry to check for superfluous cans, and only found a little can of, "tomato boullion". Then I went to the drop box and depositted my seeds of intelligence.

Then, I sat down in their alley and readied myself for the long trek ahead. It was a bit cold and windy. Hopefully, I don't get a frontal migraine. I walked to the brick house with the 1-bedroom apartement. Opened the lockbox and got the key, and let myself inside.

For whatever reason, a lot of Vietnam Vets end up being problematic, and then homeless. That's who lives downstairs. He had had a stroke, or something, and was also hard-of-hearing. Therefore, his television was really loud, which was the first thing prominent when I entered, and as I went up the stairs. Too loud. Also loud in the bedroom, (upstairs). The good thing was that the brick walls did not carry the bass sounds - it just slipped through the floor like the other sounds.

I really liked the the living room. I would make it the bedroom, and spend most my time there. Fairly insulated from the noise - but I don't know if he has a stereo below, or if he slams doors accidentally, etc. I would make the bedroom a lounge, stereo, storage room. I have a LOT of stuff - and there is only a bedroom closet - pffft. The kitchen wasn't as small as advertised, and I could make it work - if I also got the LL to put in overhead cabinets. At least it has two sinks, which is important. Also, the bathroom was fine. Controllable heat - and possibly air.

But it is too shut-in. Its front door is next to, and perpendicular to, the downstairs neighbour's door. Too much of an ordeal w/ my dog, 3 times a day. It is also not near anything - no decent grocery stores, no giant park.

I was so ill, I had to sit around there for a wee while. Then I looked at the place from my dog's point of view: A GIGANTIC back yard! BUT - this upstairs apartment has no back door to it - just an emergency ladder in a box under the sink, ha ha - eeeg. The Vientam guy had an exit there, and, if he were a jerk, he could act like the yard was his. Maybe he is a jerk - because there were car tracks ripping through that back yard. The LL said I could put a garden there - but NO CHANCE with cars spinning around back there.

There is no great wilderness area, but this yard is big, and at least is a great place for me to wander a little with my dog. Plus, there is a dog at the back of this yard who looks very similar to my dog, only slighter. But this dog is behind a fence, free to roam, and I know my dog would look at that and not feel good. My dog had a free, fenced situation before I moved here, and I DO want to improve life for him, before he checks out.

btw - IMPOSSIBLE for me to ever let my own dog roam w/o a fence or line.

I looked for positive signs, and that similar-dog was one. There was also a small plastic dinosaur lying next to the house. Dinosaurs are dear to my heart. There was also a nut tree, which I couldn't identify - and nut trees are also close to my heart, as they should be to yours. Also, the floors did not creek!

A BRICK HOUSE? With a storm cellar? Hell yeah!

But the negatives outweighed the positives, despite the low rent. E.g., MICE. I can deal with mice - but not if the person downstairs doesn't deal with mice. Not enough storage space.

I had wanted to talk to the Vietnam guy - but now my brain was in a strained state. I skipped that. I was really fortunate to be allowed to fathom the place at my own pace.

So - I started off walking, intending to reach Walgreens before the ice overtook the plains. I never got there - only got to Aldi's, and bought some wine. Then I went to (better) supermarket. Talked to customer service. Picked up some cheap organic tortilla chips, which I recommend to everyone: WILD HARVEST, Spicy Blue-Corn - perfect. NO GMO CORN. http://www.wildharvestorganic.com

On check-out, I checked out some black girl who worked there.

I had called to arrange a bus ride home, because the walk would have been too insane. I know the name of the driver who showed up, and greeted him so. He is a cordial black dude. When he dropped me off, he said, "If I don't see you again, have a nice weekend." How nice is that?

I have had two cups of wine, and I feel I should try to sleep now. Meanwhile, I suppose there will be tension with the NOT-nice black kids below, whether they got wind of my letter, or not. Things have been building to a boiling, no-matter. (I just now created a phrase). Thank goodness for wine dampening the noise.

For today's trek, mainly the visit to the bricked apartment, I gave up my hopes of instead walking my dog a long way to the VET, for overdue shots. At least I walked a lot and this will - after it causes days of relapse - get me primed for the difficult walk with my dog.

I think I need to avoid peanuts - and maybe all nuts. Does that include beans? Seeds?

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