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Are you there? Say a prayer - for the me-renter.

Very tired. Several bad days.

There were fircrckrs last night, and some evidence that the BF downstairs did it. I believe they know the Nethers. Pretty convinced.

My LL finally called today. (She returned from another hiking vacation on Monday). She told me that the GIRL downstairs had moved out and been replaced by her little large friend, who also stomps around and slams doors. I wish someone had told me this. I had been gathering evidence that the said little large stomper was over here every night, in violation of the lease. Now I see that the main girl, the previous renter, is in violation of the little large stomper's lease, because SHE is always over here, and pretty much hasn't moved out. She was supposed to have been out by the end of February. Instead, things are pretty much the same as they have always been, only worse. However, there are often long stretches when nobody's here. That doesn't help my heart when it goes into spasms as soon as someone SLAMS a door or toilet seat.

LL mentioned a dif apartment they are offering, with a way-too-small kitchen. She invited me to go over and look at it, (on my own), and gave me the lockbox combination. That's the trust of a friend, right there. So, I'll do that as soon as I can. But I have been TRYING to gear up, physically, for a long, dreadful walk with my over-eager dog, to the vet, for incubations, which are already late. I also need to go other places somehow, and I don't know how my health is going to make room for it all.

btw - I DID go check out that little HOUSE w/ the garage, and too-small kitchen. After being stood-up, the first time. I believe the rental agency lady had no intention of considering me, because I am low-income on disablity. I spoke frankly and smartly about things, like $$$, etc. Nevertheless. She left a message a day after she receieved my application, saying it had already been rented - wooosh.

I'm going to try to sleep, before the next wave of bangings and stompings. I'm dying here.

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