"a killing field for hypotheses" (madman101) wrote,
"a killing field for hypotheses"

Fish Out of Water - Part 1

Many people believe that when people die, their spirits can linger about, visit dreams, intervene in living affairs, and other psychic phenomena. Many people believe in ghosts. Recently, a woman and her child crashed into a lake. The rescuing police reported hearing a voice urging to help the underwater victims. They found only the toddler alive, (and unconscious), and the mother dead.* This is one of many reports of paranormal incidents, which some would call bizarre coincidences. However, dear readers, as we know, the Origami Universe, (see tags), weaves together meaning in this experiential universe which may defy probability, imbuing some sense of WILL or LIFE into the day-to-day of otherwise clueless mortals or entities.

If this vast phenomenon of lingering spirits is real, (quote-unquote), then the spirits extend beyond the decaying bodies, into furniture, into other star systems, into the past or future, and so forth - almost like the concepts of hell, or heaven, or Cleveland... Almost like concepts of evil spirits and good spirits, angels, ghosts, demons, etc.

Where does it all end? - it is one infinite can of worms that can't be contained. Its almost Hinduistic.

I think of people or pets who have died, and how they so clearly moved me at the same time, or visited me in dreams, etc., or how they may have faded away, as the worms ate into their brains. Or - should I have felt guilty for their fading off, since I may have been forgetting them? Who the hell knows? Maybe they just flew off to some more interesting planet. Or maybe they transmigrated and became insects or birds. Then, they got run over by cars. Maybe we have eaten dead relatives reincarnated as chicken sandwiches.

Anyway, the point is, it is widely thought that spirits linger, and do things, and maybe cause riffraff, and maybe leave messages on mirrors or on cameras or in audio recordings, only backwards, through the looking glass.* They are thought to be angry or sad or such. They may whisper in ears or squeek floorboards or maybe they even whoosh around wearing white sheets.

Well, it seems like many, many people believe such things of lingering spirits, (aka, "ghosts").

But can you see yourself turning into one of them? If you died and became a ghost, where would YOU be? Would you really execute designs on living people, or haunt automobiles? I mean, you are some waft of quantum potentiality with no boundaries and no real substance: So, who is the you, what is the brain, where is the doing, which is thinking out these plans and executing these ghostly designs?

Say that you want to throw a glass across a room... How are you figuring that out and performing it? Are you in one place, at a time, or are you pulling little taunting strings in many locations. HOW?

If you die and slip out of your body, and you find yourself sitting like a gargoyle on the top of some shelves in an operating room, looking back at your dead body, HOW are you looking back? WHAT is the "you" on top of those shelves?

If you yelled out, "Help me! Help us!" from the bottom of a lack, exactly how did you manage that, or know that some police were coming, or even knew how to become audible?

You see what I am saying? Everybody talks about ghosts, but no one really knows how to be one. Few people see themselves becoming ghosts - or conceptualise what this would really entail. Most of them just want to go to heaven and get it over with. Heaven is probably a lot easier to imagine, partly because all those problems are worked out by someone else.

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