I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

People who talk with their ass. Part 1.

They are everywhere THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!

I once wrote a short story, and was stupid enough to share it with my family. The story was Kafkaesque. There was a bit about two office workers communicating via farts - (which was a satirical analogy). Of course, that was what my brother picked up on, and commented about. The only thing. Because. That's kinda how he communicates. With his ass. My whole family is this way. They turn their backs on you, instead of responding, and so you get to look at their asses, shuffling about. One relative, who has absolutely everything, helped me move, god bless his soul. I wanted to show him how I had set up my bedroom, which was arranged so that I could stay in bed while ill, and also have a large table right in reach. But - when he saw my computer - despite him having everything - he got all antsy and jealous and stopped speaking and SHOWED ME HIS ASS, like a fucking baboon, shuffling away, grrrrrrr. How about THAT for sympathy for the disabled? Envy the poor. Envy the dead. I have never understood this crap. EVERYONE will be dead soon enough. This constant pathos of JEALOUSY JEALOUSY JEALOUSY JEALOUSY - and - CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL !!!!!!!!!! Even in my own family. These people spend their whole lives with a radar on the look-out for any SLIGHTEST suggestion that someone is supposedly trying to control them, even though they have everything, so that they can then come down on them, first with their ass, then with their gossip, then with their money, then with their wars. These are the people who crave money and power, and it is they whom we elect into office to control us, when all they are interested in is THEMSELVES.

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