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Give me all your money and I’ll make some origami, honey.

I'm not able to fight much, but I did what I could today, despite my flailing health. Go, Irish.

My dog has been very difficult to manage. Spring; reaction to Neo-Nethers messing with us; bad dog treats = diarrhea, etc. He really destroyed my morning, at 10:am, and sent me in a downward spiral. I am not feeding him in the morning anymore. I just can't suffer that, for a dog, who doesn't listen? I have been very insistent and strict with him today - ever since a day or so ago - and yet it takes forever for it to sink in - he is impossible. I would never advise anyone to get an Akita.

I was supposed to mail my HOUSE application last Saturday, but I sent it today, with much difficulty and no fanfare. I've been sick. (Really complicating this, has been stress from below, COFFEE, and dog). Also, I've been thinking this over - going back and forth. The kitchen is insanely small - compared to my present gigantic kitchen, which isn't even big enough. (I like to cook Wooly Mammoths). I don't even remember seeing any closets there. The rooms are just like three average bedrooms, attached - nothing spectacular. The interviewer was not wonderful - kinda testy and artificial and disrespectful - but pretending to care. Too expensive. Add another $25/mo for dog(!) Etc.


But some good points are that there are no people on two sides of the house, not counting the street side. The only house next to it seems to have a quiet lady and her old mother and kid, maybe a husband, idk. That house is also owned by the same company - same company owns the giant garden empire. That empire is on one side, and on the back, of the house, with a large parking lot, and place for semi-trucks to unload. That will be a lot less annoying that what I've endured. I like the location.

I am happy if I don't get the house, because good points and bad points are about equal. But I figured I'd at least apply. It was hell, being so sick today. I finally got started around 3:pm - had to look up some addresses, etc., online and in my notes. I shoved off just before 5:pm - forgetting the letter - went back to get it. More stupid dog. After 2 other mini-stops, and some idiot kid trying to outwalk me, spitting everywhere, I got to the Post Office, then went to the ATM. Checked the liquor store, it is closed for good. Bought some food at Pepe's, said HI. I was planning on stopping in at the bike store about a little bike pump I want to get working, but I thought I had lost it along the way. Found it when I got home.

So tired and ill today. But getting the application mailed was my great triumph. Also got several looks from various members of the opposing sex.

Cooked the instant rice w/ quinoa which Pepe recommended, with added broccoli, mushrooms and spices, along with that slow-cook chicken, which still had a faint coconut taste to it, and was as good as an Irish stew to me. A nice little meal, at least, but my body doesn't want to deal with more calories.

I took dog out for last time. I was in my awesome leather jacket, on this occasion. Spent a lot of time yelling at him like a crazy madman - but he BEGINNING to get the message... Too bad I have to beat back his self-confidence just to get him to respect my requests and my cooperation and my NICENESS. The Neo-Nethers were not here to hear this, which is good, even though they seem to be frightened when I yell, since their assumption is that I am a white twink or something. I am looking forward to the day I get to let loose on THEM - and the time is coming, because the stupid girl is more and more appearing when I am out with my dog - JUST LIKE NETHER GIRL USED TO DO! Can you believe it?

There goes that crazy Irishman again.

This post was supposed to get around to talking about how there is no hope for the world because people are just animals who will never change... The mantra, "I want what I want", always springs up from them like weedy vines to strangle any charity or forgiveness or money that goes their way, and they all think they are dogs with a right to urinate on your pants and eat you when you've fallen on the ground bleeding. No help for the species. But - let's spare Saint Patrick this bleak prospect, and hash all this out in some other post.

While anon we go, the great hooded throng, over the broken hills, chanting lyrics, and reading, "A Cantaloup For Testicle"...


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