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Madonna, stew, and laminate flooring

I can't believe Sound Opinions is lauding this song, supposedly of the, "Cavern Sound," (Beatles), when it is a complete rip-off of, "Pictures of Plastic Men..."

One of Madonna's songs sounds good, catchy. But they are right, she keeps obsessing with anti-Catholic fetish nonsense which nobody really cares about. I guess this is because she is still in the NWO, and believes in the Cabala(sp?). Madonna is a creative artist, with good songs like Borderline, and, Vogue. But I have wondered how much the NWO, so-called, invested in her, in the early years. You know - the Michigan Fords and Kochs, and such. I listen to her old songs and they seem like they were deliberately planted to instill neo-conservative brainage. Material Girl. Borderline. Papa, Don't Preach. And so on. Dismantling the social morality of the 60's, bit by bit, replacing it with pure selfishness and idolatry, or something.

"I don't wanna talk about it, right now... I can't be a super-hero, right now...." Well crafted, well sung, intimate/honest, but kinda like it should have been release 10-20 years ago. (Title: "Joan of Arc").

Regarding that dish I cooked for hours and hours, in a disabled pressure-cooker. It was supposed to be a slow-cook thing. It turned out with all the flavours merged into one, and all the HOT-spice taste, and other tastes, pretty much disappeared. The main surviving tastes, beside a stew taste, were salty and sugary. This is something for you cooks to remember. The dish is good enough, but I think that an actual slow-cooker would have done a better job.

I shut the hell up from my neighbeurs, the Neo-Nethers, (aka, Neo-NAZIs, even though they are black). Here is a comment to an LJ friend, explaining it. It really worked, which is sad....

There has been a lot of stomp-walking here, more and more. My LL is on another vacation, and I don't know if the Neo-Nethers know this, but apparently the bf and the gf are both moved back in.

This pumps up their collective ego. So, when they left yesterday afternoon, they banged on the walls. And I said, "That's JUST what I was waiting for."

So, I ran the stereo, with synched radios, late. Loud, (but not max). I had never run the bedroom "Super-radio" loud before - it's a nice radio to have.

I woke up at midnight, and turned everything back down. Needless to say, the folks below thought I was wimping, and proceeded to stomp around....

So. I turned my stereo CD player on, very audible, and played some funky shit all night. Now, they are sleeping downstairs, at 1:pm, ha ha. I expect a big bang eventually. But the day after tomorrow is Saint Pats and I will be VERY happy to dish it out if they mess with me more.

Pathetic, isn't it. In humanity, there are a few people with some bright ideas, and some cool stuff gets manufactured, but basically the mass of people act like asshole animals. Drawing everyone backwards into it with them.

Oh - there was a good story on, "60 Minutes," about a Kent, England guy who runs a zoo, but is trying to set all the animals free, in Africa. He is wrong, even though "instinct" is strong, he underestimates the influence of human conditioning, and so 5 of his gorillas were killed in Africa. There are better ways they can be reintroduced - but he is trying, and he is commendable.

Did you know that zoos are more popular than, basically, all sports combined? So - I should consider starting a zoo! - But a zoo - well - I can post later about how I'd like to do it. Not really a zoo - more like a wildlife preserve, where the animals can step in and see the humans when they feel like it.

So - now we are on the subject of, "60 Minutes." A week or so ago, they did a report on LUMBER LIQUIDATORS, which was great. This craporation is saving money by importing laminated flooring from China, which happens to be full of the toxic carcinogen, FORMALDEHYDE. This is illegal. Well, it was amusing how the corporate head was trying to wiggle out of the interviewer's questions, and yet stand up as being pro-environment and pro-health - he was frayed and afraid, coming apart. Nevertheless, LUMBER LIQUIDATORS seems to be trying to quash the bad publicity by putting out a media campaign of wholesomeness and all that.

I was aghast to hear one of my fav NPR shows, "Wait! Wait! Don't tell me!", promoting LUMBER LIQUIDATORS on its show, actually advertising laminate flooring! And some of the peopel in the audience were trying to boo. So - I am done with the post - here are some links... (Try to check out the 60 Minutes report)...

Lumber Liquidators linked to health and safety violations - CBS News

Lumber Liquidators 60 Minutes report - Business Insider

Lumber Liquidators shares are crashing after a damning '60

???? Lumber Liquidators | Sustainability 2015 - ????!
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