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I am the person who will destroy China.

Hillary Clinton - (shot down with her own gun)

My laptop crashed, and lost a lot of links - I am very far behind...

Re: Hillary Clinton. She lies. That is true. These days, one needs to lie at the top levels, in order for the country to survive. However, sorting out what is good and what is bad behaviour for the nation - not easy to do down here, outside the rings of power, but also IMPOSSIBLE to do, more and more, by those drunken with their own narcissism, i.e., power.

The whole Petrayus email thing following Benghazi was a presage to the present contest over Hillary's private emails. I don't care if you are left or right, Hillary KNEW BETTER than to keep all her correspondences on one phone/ personal server. PERSONAL SERVER - WTF?

Hillary said she used this system, "for convenience," and she was sure that all Americans would agree that deleting 31,000 "personal" emails would be fine, since they were all about weddings.

Any gullible liberals out there - ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? This is criminal. I don't care if George Bush also did it - it is criminal.

OK - so - the thing is - she was informed all about the HOWs and WHYs way before this controversy ever erupted. She new exactly what she was doing. And, now those 31,000 emails have been deleted. What secret stuff was on them - (as if this is even in question)?

Grow up. Hillary had confidential info going on, which has since been deleted. Period. Is this good or bad? It is BAD because it is illegal, like much of the rest of our government.

OK - from all I've learnt - this is what has been going on: Hillary was secretly negotiating a deal with Iran, way back during Benghazi. Arms were also being illegally shipped into Syria, but I do NOT know if Hillary or Obama were aware of this, but it is probable.

Hillary was trying to negotiate a treaty with Iran, and then got shot down in a private plane. News of that did not get out, and she survived.

Cheney is the main pusher of a war with Iran. One main obstacle, right now, is that ISIS is anti-Iran - so do a Homer Simpson D'Oops! We are supposedly FIGHTING ISIS - but actually we are aiding and HELPING them. These points are very important - please study them.

My feeling is that Obama and Hillary have been sneakily working against this military-industrial-right-wing conspiracy of greed and money-making conspiracy. However, they are in so deep, that there is almost no distinguishing them from the evil riff-raff. E.g., Emmanuel - he's about as crap as the world can produce.

And I actually met this asshole. What did I think, when I met this asshole? "This guy is an asshole! Why are so-called progressives letting this guy get away with CRAP?! He's obviously psychologically fucked up!" Now he is mayor of Chicago!
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