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slow cooking

WalMart didn't have Morrissey's latest CD. I need to wait until the month is over, to order from BestBuy. I am somehow spending too much money. I won't go broke, but I do need to save money - e.g., to make up for the savings I spent; to save
$100 for my mail box, and so forth. I am getting fatter. This is due to three things: wine, and going crazy eating when drinking wine. #3 is chips. I am fine with reducing chips.

The Neo-Nethers were ALL THREE overnight last night, which means lots of banging drawers and doors. Their STOMPING around, etc., has been proven to be deliberate. (Way back when they first moved in, therefore, the stomping and banging at 2-3:am was also deliberate passive aggression - and they had somehow been in touch with the Nethers even then). Today, before they left, they gave out two clusters of 7-9 deliberate BANGS. Unfortunately, my LL is AGAIN on vacation, until the 23'd. So, I am looking instead to calling the police, which means I have to play the good angel, even while they crap on me.

Nevertheless, I am playing my stereo fairly loud, even though they probably won't be back for a GOOD while. I am doing some silly funk nonsense right now, and may switch to reggae, building up to some insane SKA later on. This week's edition of NPR's, "Sound Opinions", played a song by, "Bamma-Lamma", who are similar to the, "Flesh Tones". They didn't say anything about them being ska, just PARTY. The one song I heard was pretty good.

(I need to buy a new stereo - not just because this one is producing a loud hum, now, but because the folks downstairs will buy a super-blaster to overpower mine one day. They almost have an obligation to do so, even though they have exhibited no musical proclivities whatsoever, on accountta they're black, and that's THE WHOLE THING).

It would really be nice to update all my music - that's a lot of money, right? Who among you have not learnt this yet? There is free stuff on the internet, but I haven't been able to do audio via my laptop. BTW - my laptop is giving more and more problems, and I just may disappear all of the sudden! therefore, I really need to transfer data and get my main computer up and running, which is a major process. I would be fine with this, and music, etc., but I AM CONSIDERING MOVING.

It is too early for me to move, in the sense that my savings could be a LOT more, if and when the economy finally collapses. IT IS TAKING TOO LONG. The whole idea of moving to a new place is just seemingly impossible to me, bereft of health and copious moneys. My HEART is in bad shape from the people downstairs, and because of the wine I drink to drown them out, and so I REALLY SHOULD MOVE, BUT MY HEART CAN'T TAKE IT.

I am also rethinking this house... There is an extra $25 for a dog - that's $425/mo. Plus, the kitchen is very small. It is great that it has a (cool) basement, even though it has a lot of creepy grave-like exposed limestone weirdness, (built in 1885) - and it also has an overhanging large tree, meaning I will be fine in summertime. Another thing: Maybe nice that the office manager of the rental business is ALSO the office manager of the garden empire to which I was intending to apply for a mini-temp job*. But, what about all the small-town gossip and vebdettae? What happens when I start picking up guys at the bar down the street, dressed as a 10-year-old girl? Not only that, the only next-door neighbour has a house owned by the same company. Seriously, I just don't want any more of this social creepiness in my life.

It is a small house, but it is a HOUSE. It has land - maybe for gardinage. It has a little (dirt-floor) garage and a (creepy) basement, where I can store lots of stuff. (I am not sure I want to end my big storage locker, which costs $50/mo, because I would rather do something more PERMANENT, and I have not found that yet).

I am presently cooking up some interesting thing. I acquired a bottle of "slow-cooker" sauce, which is kinda gourmet, includes coconut oil. (I was thinking of doing a big stir-fry, but am doing this for now). I have about 1.5 pounds of chicken slow cooking on my stove, in something which was supposed to be a pressure cooker, but lost its seal, I think. I first browned the meat a little, frying. Into that, I added some chicken shish-ka-bob thing I got from a food truck, which included veggies. I also added more green pepper, tomato and onion. I'm letting this go for 7-8 hours - we'll see what happens.

I have been interested in getting a slow-cooker lately. This was spawned by hearing an add on Stephanie Miller for a clay-pot slow-cooker, which is also a steamer, and also a rice-maker, and also a YOGURT MAKER. But, all that costs at least $70! -

VitaClay Smart Organic Multicooker - 6 cup - http://vitaclaychef.com/2-in-1-rice-n-slow-cooker-8-cup/productdetails/5/1

When I was at WalMart, I looked at the slow cookers, which were abundant. There were some which also steamed and cooked RICE, which I WANT - but the minimum price was around $40-$50. (There was a nice little simple thing there, though, for pretty cheap, which is always tempting, though it does not say that it cooks rice - I think it was by Sunbeam, which is either Mexican or Chinese). Well, none of these said that they make yogurt, which happens to be a deal-breaker pour moi.

So, idk.

I also have to buy other pricey stuff.

Gradually, I make progress. I was looking for a bike tire pump, and everything was too HEAVY. But I did find a bike lock, which was cheap. I have a reeeely nifty girls' mountain bike here. It was tuned up in 2011, with the help of a relative, including adding collapsible steel baskets in the back - for groceries. (I don't care that it's a girl's bike, as I have an even MORE awesome mountain bike in storage, needing to be repaired - maybe turned into an electric bike).

This bike has been sitting around since 2011, and its back tire deflated. This is probably connected to the fact that my MICROWAVE WiFi thingie is right next to it. (I don't actually use WiFi, though). I already have a pump, w/ no line. Once I get that, I can use this bike, and go get a new tire. I honestly have not used it because WHY - because no reason here - I am too CFS ill to deal with it.

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